How to change D-05 patches from Digitakt?

Hey guys! I’m new here so forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.

So I have my Roland D-05 connected to my Digitakt and I’m trying to do some program changes (changing D-05 patches while changing Digitakt patterns) but I can’t manage to make it work.

To be honest I don’t fully comprehend the functionality of MSB/LSB to MIDI CC so it may be a lot simpler than I think.

Does anyone have an idea on how to make it work?

Thank you very much!

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The D-05 can change patch in response to MIDI Program Change (PC) messages.

In the MIDI screen of the D-05’s Function menu:

  • make a note of which MIDI channel you have set on the D-05, and
  • set the Prog.C setting to “ON”,
  • (probably) set the Bank.S setting to “ON”.

The Digitakt (DT) has two methods for sending PC messages:

  • when its pattern changes, or
  • when programmed in one of the MIDI tracks.

By the first method, the DT will send out a PC message whose value matches that of the new pattern. So the value sent will be:

  • 0 for pattern A01
  • 1 for pattern A02
    and so on up to
  • 15 for pattern A16
  • 16 for pattern B01
    and so on up to
  • 127 for pattern H16

You can enable this function on the DT by:

  • activating PROG CH SEND in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > SYNC menu, and
  • setting PROG CH OUT CH in the SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu to match the D-05’s MIDI channel number.

However, the D-05 only has 64 patches in each bank, so I believe that the DT can only control the D-05’s patch if you use pattern banks A, B, C, and D on the DT. The D-05 will use a new patch only in the same bank as the current patch.

That may be sufficient for you, but if it isn’t let us know and we can go through the steps for the second method, which allows switching between any of the D-05’s patches in any of its banks on any step of any DT pattern.


I’m attempting to build a live set with my D-05 receiving midi from a Digitone and the “second method” you referred to in this post seems like my best option.

Can you elaborate? Thanks in advance.

The second method is to parameter-lock Program Change (any value you like) and Bank Select messages on any sequencer step of one of the Digitone’s MIDI tracks.

Maybe what’s confusing about the D-05 is that you need to set MSB to 87 for all banks. LSB goes from 0 for first bank to 13 for the last.

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This is the ticket. I have a piece of tape with 87 written on it on the side of mine

I’m not quite following.

Do you mean set “RPN LSB” and “RPN MSB” on the CC Source page, then dial in CC values of 0-13 and 87, respectively?

Tried that, but sending any further BANK or SBNK changes brick the program changes until I power cycle the D-05.

No. If you want to change bank at the same time as changing program on the D-05, then you need to p-lock BANK and SBNK on the same sequencer step on your Digitone as you p-lock the PROG value.

According to the MIDI implementation details in the Parameter Guide document for the D-05, you probably need to use BANK = 88 (because Roland starts counting at 0 and Elektron starts counting at 1) and then the appropriate value of SBNK (probably in the range from 1 to 14) to select the D-05’s user/preset banks U1 to U8 and P1 to P6.

Do not try to use RPN messages instead of Bank Select messages.


This worked like a charm. Thanks for walking me through it.

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