How to change default pattern length?

I thought this would be easy to find in the manual but haven’t been able to so far. I’m wondering how to change the default pattern length for the Analog RYTM, preferably globally.

Right now if I create a new pattern, it always has a length of 16 beats. I almost always want to have 64 beats per pattern and find myself having to change this on a per pattern basis way too often.

So, how can I set up the RYTM to create new patterns with 64 beats instead of 16 by default, globally? Thank you!

You can’t but you might create pre-emptied patterns of 64 as a workaround

holding func and tripleclicking page is that much of a hassle for ya? :confused:

besides, there can be advantages to a 16 step initial lenght, as the first 16 steps are duplicated automatically upon lenghtening the pattern. This way, you can quickly build a skeleton groove, tripleclick to duplicate it to all 64 steps, and overdub variations on top. ymmv as usual though

That triple-click method might be the way to go! Thanks, I’ll try that out!