How to clear automation?

Hi there,

Had a look through the manual but I couldn’t find anything - what I’m wanting to do is, say I was in record mode, recorded in a cymbal pattern, then kept recording and started altering the tuning of the cymbal synth, hit stop,then play back out of record mode and I can hear the pattern I recorded, but then I realise the pitch changes I made had been recorded too. Now, I want to keep the pattern I played in, but I want to remove or edit the tuning automation I accidentally recorded in - is there a way to do this or do I have to clear track and try again?

Any help much appreciated!



This for A4, should apply to AR too

Hold 'n wait: Fn+No will clear all plocks (realtime rec mode)
Hold 'n wait: No+Enc will clear a plock (realtime rec mode)


thanks for the reply - will try this now

Is there a method beyond the ‘hold n wait’ approach? Clear all?

i’d have liked to have seen this too, this was discussed re A4 over a year ago and we thought there were key combo possibilities to do this in one-go, but i guess this hasn’t come to anything, always worth trying a few combos out to see if they actually exist !

That would be a great feature. Especially a clear all trigs for one parameter of choice. It could produce nice variations and effects.

Nothing new there, is it ?

The most convenient way I found was to clear page for the current track while in grid mode.
This way I see where are the plocks and the real trigs, and I can put the trigs back quickly.

Yet, a combo to clear locks for one parameter or all parameters would be great !!

What if your note trigs had non-default velocity values or were time-shifted? Then all that is lost and you need to set it up again.

Yes indeed.

But sometimes I feel the need to clear an automation for one parameter, even if it means killing the special plocks I set for the trigs…

But you’re right, the clear page thing isn’t a good as I thought it was.

Guess I’ll use the Save/Reload Pattern option then.

you are a neverending resourcefullness