How to connect Overbridge devices with non-OB devices?

I want to use OB with DN and DT. Next to them I have sitting the OT, Roland SE-02, Modal CraftSynth 2, an old Yamaha FB-01, and a 2018 iPad (not pro model). The DN and DT have stereo ins. The OT has 4 ins that can be configured 4 mono or 2 stereo and 2 stereo outs. The SE-02 can also output directly into the DAW but at 41.1 kHz whereas the Elektrons operate at 48 kHz. The OT, Modal and Yamaha are analog out only.

I really dislike wires / cables and complicated setups. Having a busy or cluttered workspace destroys my focus. Even worse, a convoluted workflow makes me pick up my iPad instead (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’d like to use the rest of my gear too lol). So… without getting an external mixer or multi-input audio interface, is there a way for me to connect everything through the DN and DT? Perhaps via the OT and then into DN / DT? I ideally want to be able to do multitrack record jams into my DAW. At the very least, I’d like to be able to multitrack jam record the DN and DT, then multitrack jam record (or even one device at a time) the non-OB gear as well. If I use OB to record the DN and DT, then how can I digitally via USB record the SE-02 if their sample rates differ?

I’m willing to bite the bullet and get an updated multi-input interface for the non-OB gear as long as it’s small (must be able to sit on top of the FB-01 --> w: 8.5" / 22cm, d: 10.5" / 27cm) - eyeing the MOTU M4 (but it only has 4 ins) and SSL 2+(only has 2 ins but the 2 headphones outs is useful). An 8 in (don’t need 8 outs) interface is also cool but it must be small-ish like the UltraLite, not too expensive and not a 19" rack unit. If space wasn’t an issue, I’d probably go for the Tascam Model 12 which would be great for jamming with my non-OB gear. Other ones I’m considering are the M-Audio AIR 192|14 (8 in, 4 out), Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (8 in/4 out but has more digital i/o), and Roland OctaCapture (8 in/8 out).

As I said, I’d like to multi-track jam record into my DAW but not at the expense of making my setup super complicated and difficult. Want to sit down and get work rather than figure out why things aren’t working or not in sync. Any suggestions?! Thx!

Photo of my current setup:

May I suggest a combination of the OB Elektrons and the cheap but brilliant Behringer UMC404HD (I own this and it’s genuinely amazing, especially for the money, but only 4 inputs) or the slightly more expensive 1820 model (with 8 analog ins).

Price looks good. I’ll look into it, but… I’ve never owned anything Behringer and it’s one of those brands I’ve had a long time bias against. I know people say they’re different now compared to 5 or 10 years ago, but I have to get over my bias! :roll_eyes: But on a serious note, I doubt it’s an improvement in terms of sonics and build quality over my workhorse MOTU UltraLite mk3 I had for 7 years and recently sold.

Beyond also picking an interface, I’m wondering if OB is stable when working as an aggregate device on a Mac with another interface?

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I had the same thing but then read reviews of the sound card and it was positive all round :slight_smile:

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Get a Focusrite Scarlett, should work very well… btw nice setup, very clean :thup:

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