How to contro ext bass lin in midi with OT?

i plugged the bass line in midi in of OT, what should i set up now to write a sequence of the bass?

So you went OT MIDI OUT to Bass Line MIDI IN? All you need to do is go to the MIDI sequencer on the OT, assign one of the tracks to the channel the Bass Line is on, and start programming.

in this way i use the bass sounds and write them in the OT seq.?

in her bass i have midi in, so i have to plug midi out in the OT

Did you receive a manual with your octatrack? You can also read it online, it has perfect examples how to connect synthesizers or other external gear to your octatrack via midi or audio. Also there are chapters on how to use the sequencer and if you finish reading all that and still want to learn more, read the pages explaining the arpeggiator, it is a very powerful way to create basslines from your octatrack’s sequencer.

Have fun, be happy!

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Correct. Also, read the manual.

If you want to connect a midi capable synth to the OT you should:

  • OT midi-out --> Synth midi-in
  • Synth midi-out --> OT midi-in

Then you need to have the midi-channels setting right such, that the OT sends on a channel the synth responds to and the synth sends on a channel the OT listens to.

With this setup you can

  1. record midi notes and midi CC from the synth on the OT
  2. play back midi-sequences from the OT to the synth