How to copy sound locks?

Hello there!
Please, help me understand how to copy sound locks from one to another pattern?
I tried copy track, trig, loading kit, but “locks” folders in different patterns are different too and I can’t copy them!

When you say sound locks, do you basically want to copy the current sound produced on a specific track? It sounds like you already tried that if you tried copying the track but if you are looking to do what I described (copy sound from 1 track), you do hold FUNC + hold track number key + then press copy and the sound currently on that track will be copied.

I’m confused by the mention of sound locks and patterns, because you can have different locks on each track within a pattern. So I would assume if you wanted to copy all the sound locks for the 6 tracks of a pattern you could just copy the entire pattern? Or is that what you’re trying to do is copy the ENTIRE pattern (6 tracks with their sound parameter settings and sequenced steps)?

If this is what you want then you want to “pattern copy” and can do this by hold FUNC + hold trigger key number of the pattern you want to copy + then press copy. To paste is the same except use and paste and trigger key number of the pattern you want to paste to.

Hopefully one of these is what you were looking for.

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Hi! Thank you for your respond!
I made 1 pattern (A1 for example) without soundlocks (so LOCKS folder is empty)! Then I copy this pattern to A2! Then I change pattern A2, maybe melodic line. Now I have two unique patterns!
After that I begin to work with A1 pattern: AND I’M ADDING three SOUNDLOCKS on drum thack 1 of A1 pattern! So i see 3 sounds appears in LOCKS folder on my A1 pattern! So I want to COPY only track 1 of A1 pattern WITH THESE three sound locks to pattern A2! I dont want to copy whole pattern, cause my A2 pattern has unique melodic line! I’m copying track or trig from A1 to A2, it’s ok! I see fresh copyed sound lock on my A2 pattern track 1 but soud lock refers on empty LOCKS folder of pattern 2. Is there a way not to copy whole pattern? I need need to copy only 1 track! but SOUND locks are not copied along with the track!

Now I understand what you’re trying to do I think.

There may be a more efficient way to do this, but the way I have done what you’re trying to do is by copying the PAGE of the pattern on track A1 from your example. So if it is a 64 step sequence, you’d need to copy all 4 pages 1-by-1. I’ve done this to copy between 2 tracks on the same pattern to add harmony, but the copy should work switching between patterns also.

There might be a more efficient way to do it though, seems like there should be a copy all pages or something. Let me know if that works though.

thank you, imil!
No, copying PAGE it is the same as copying track, but only part of it. I think you didn’t understand me or my english is 2 bad =(
basicly i need to copy presets from LOCKS folder of one pattern to another

I tried to do it with my analog four! it works, because it has SOUND POOL and sound pool is ONE per PROJECT! but CYCLES instead of SOUND POOL has LOCKS folder. And LOCKS folder is per PATTERN and not per PROJECT. And when i switch pattern - new LOCKS forder activates

I think he means “copy pattern with presets lock on different triggers to another pattern

when you do this, only the base sound is copied, without locked presets on the triggers!

YESSS!!! Right! )

Oh! yes, i can’t understand why, but in CYCLES they called this function as PRESET LOCKS. In A4 - SOUND LOCKS =)

Has anyone figured out how to do this? It appears that in the Presets Menu, you have the Factory sounds folder, and the Locks folder, which is unique per pattern within the same project. So if you make a trig lock in one pattern, you can copy over all the changes to pitch, decay, color, etc, by copying the trig, but NOT copy over the new sound preset information (which is stored in the Locks folder within the root directory). It will just copy that this trig accesses e.g. Lock 03 from that pattern’s lock folder, which will not be the same information that exists in the lock folder for any other pattern.

Sounds like it’s time to report a bug!

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well, at least someone else cares about this problem. I am genuinely surprised why so few people understand me and so few people care.
I think the most convenient way out is to copy the whole pattern with needed trigs to destination pattern slot (backup destination pattern with new modifications to temporary pattern slot) , then copy tracks with trigs from temporaty pattern, or copy steps from it.

Yeah, I had to do a similar workaround that took way too much time. It seems like it would be an easy fix to add the ability to copy and paste lock presets from the locks folder between patterns, even if you then had to change the lock number it was associated with (if there is already a different lock in the new folder at that location).

@iskin I think I figured out what’s going on here. Page 23 of the manual under 8.5 says, “…the presets are not actually located in the LOCKS folder…” So I assume the locks folder is only a lookup table for what preset (new sound) you are applying the parameter lock changes to. This is probably done programming-wise to keep things tidy.

So the fastest workaround I’ve figured out is: As long as you’ve copied and pasted the new trig lock you’ve made from e.g. Pattern 2 into Pattern 1, the only change you have to then make is what preset the locks folder is telling it to go to. For Example: The new trig lock in Pattern 2 is coded to use BD Boom instead of FX Noise and stores that as “lock 3” of it’s Locks folder. AFTER copying and pasting the trig over from Pattern 2 to Pattern 1, hold down the trig you’ve just pasted, go to the Preset Menu and re-connect that trig to BD Boom. That will create a new preset lock in Pattern 1’s Locks folder at whichever lock number position is empty. So it won’t matter that your locks folders have different locks in different number slots because the above step modifies the look-up table.

@iskin So now when I create a new trig lock that I really like and will want to copy to other patterns or perhaps use as a new sound in future projects, I just save it as a new preset in my own preset folder with a new name on the +drive. Now if I want to copy it to another pattern, I don’t have to copy any information between patterns. I just trig lock to that new preset and it’s done.

Are you sure you can’t just Pattern+Func+copy when record is deactivated? Works fine on samples, with all sample locks modulation.

That works for copying over an entire pattern and locks are included. The issue here is that once you’ve done that, if you make changes to one of the patterns and want to copy a new preset lock over to another pattern, you have to manually reconnect it to the new preset afterwards, since the trig lock only includes a lock folder location number, not the actual sound - so if the preset lock folders aren’t exactly the same between patterns, it doesn’t work correctly.

Hmmm ok. I’m not sure that issue exists in model:samples

Not sure if it might still be of interest, but I just found it is possible to copy a sound from one track to another (with parameter LOCKS) as explained by pselodux in this post:

Select track with sound of interest (T1-T6), then hold down the button TRACK+REC to copy (the button labeled “TRACK”). Select the track where to copy to, and press TRACK+STOP to paste.

I’m pretty sure the earlier discussion was about what the manual calls ‘preset locks’ (see section 8.5 and 9.12.2). So far as I can tell, those aren’t covered by the procedure you suggest.

(Sorry for late reply, I’m here because I’m trying to better understand preset locks myself)