How to design more than one LFO

Hi there,

Been searching through the manual for the answer for this but not had any luck.

I understand how to create my own LFO shape, and I can see how to choose T1, T2 T3 etc LFO shapes in the LFO SETUP menu.

However I can’t figure out how you design the T2 shape, as the T1 shape is in the designer page (and currently assigned to a parameter in this project) and i don’t want to lose it, but would like to create another LFO for use on another parameter.

Could someone please let me know how this is done?

You will find the LFO designer at the same place, on each track.
You design a shape on T1, T2, … T8 and are able choose one of the 8 shapes in each LFO of each track.

These designed LFO shapes are independent from each other, and you can choose to use the LFO shape T2 on one LFO of track 1, no pb.

Is that clearer ?

Perfect! Thanks Lying Dalai!!