How to export stems to DAW?

Recording with two main outputs is such a pain getting the start to line up. Anyone find an easier way. I though about using pannig workarounds but that seems like enough more of a hassle.

Use midi to sync I don’t understand your issue with the start lining up

still seems like a pain to rerecord each track into 8 seperate audio tracks.

You could mute and cue a track, then at least you only need to make four passes


Use midi sync from the daw
Main ou L, main out R, cue out L cue out R and boom 2 passes, I am pretty confident most samples would be fine in mono and create stereo image in daw as required. That’s mostly how I do it.

What is is cue cue outpost are tied int o fx returns? The only leaves me with 2 man outs and a headphone jack.

That negates the use of stereo though. And I have a verb effect attached to the outputs./

Then you have to do 8 passes. Or one stereo mix.

There’s no easy fix for exporting 8 stems on OT. All methods are pretty tedious. A shame…

Can’t you copy the audio straight from the cf card? y record and add a redundant AD/DA conversion?

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Yeah you can do it this way depending on the length of the song/available ram. But it’s one of those tedious workarounds I was referring to earlier and takes more steps/time compared to recording each track straight to daw with start/stop sync.

I mostly just mix OT stuff down as well as I can inside OT and just send that mix out to daw for mastering/overdubs. Some big compromises doing it this way compared to what’s available externally for mixing the separate tracks, but I’m too impatient to deal with OT+stems. Especially as I normally do a lot of improvised scene stuff in the ‘final structure’ bounce.

That’s my point, if you are going to mix ITB no need for built in stereo effects!

Why not use all outputs at once? Less record runs so long as you’re interface and daw allow multi track recording. Do you really need everything in stereo?