How to get back original Digitone patterns/sounds?

While watching this video from loopop I noticed that his factory sounds/patterns were different to mine after I’d done a factory reset. I guess this is because I’m running 1.20A firmware and he will be on the original firmware at that time.

But I wondered it was possible to go back or get a copy of the original patterns/sounds that loopop has in the video please ?

I think if you register it at, you’ll get the option to download it, at least that’s how the OT worked.

Sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case for the Digitone. I have registered it and I can see the factory set for my Octatrack. But all I see for the Digitone is the sounds that were released when the Digitone Keys came out.

I’m pretty sure that download of the Keys presets contains both the original and the newer Keys sounds in a bulk download:

I’m not aware of the factory sounds changing from the first OS to newer ones

Edit: I’m right that it contains both:


I didn’t even think to register any of mine…

Thank you for the response, but that only seems to include the sounds not the patterns. I’m pretty sure that when I got the DT it had different Factory patterns than it does now. But I could be wrong, it was a while ago and my memory is not what it was :slight_smile:

Certainly now my factory patches seem to different to the ones loopop demonstrates in his video.