How to input audio to A4 and use the filters to shape it

Hello guys,

i setup in my ableton the audio output going to the A4 In left /In right.

what do i do in the A4 menu to enable audio input signal?

this video explains exactly what I’m talking about,

i would recommend reading the manual, as this is a rather easy task explained in the manual. :slight_smile:

but to help you out, you have to set a track’s oscillators to be the inputs. it’s where you select the oscillator wave-type. set oscillator 1 to input left and oscillator 2 to input right.

RThanks! On the manual that came with my A4. There’s not. Much. But i just saw that there’s an online pdf manual. Will check that

You can either use the synth section to process with filters, drive, etc using the oscillators set to inputs, or you can feed the inputs directly to the effects section mixer.

i couldn’t find it in the manual , could you please tell me at which page ? (i consulted the full reference manual online. )


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I’m using ableton as DAW, what do i have to do on ableton in order to put the audio going into the A4 and coming out back in ableton?