How to Integrate Digitakt the best way with Interface?

Before I got my audio interface, I just would run the digitakt straight out to my speakers and that really had good volume.

Now I have DT (OUT) > MOTU M4 (LINE IN) and it is way too quiet. I know if I go through the front preamps on the moto it might be better, but even so I want the most true signal and I’m not sure how I will achieve that.

The +6, +12, +18 db settings in the DT menu do not even work anymore even when I try to use it through USB audio and switch windows audio device to the DT.

With everything plugged in? how should I make this set up work better? I’ve been unplugging the speakers from the MOTU and just placing it in the DT when I want to jam but its getting annoying.

Also using a Mono Synth and I’m confused on choosing MIDI usb vs Midi from interface vs Midi from DT…

So, you’ve turned up the DT’s output volume, you’ve turned up the monitoring volume on the MOTU and you’ve turned up the volume on your monitor-speakers and it still isn’t loud enough? That seems unusual to me. Replace the DT with another sound source (even your smartphone) and see if you can get decent volume. If not, I would then subtract the MOTU. If you can keep replicating that the MOTU is somehow “loosing” volume maybe there is something wrong with it?

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I have kind of same thing. When I plug my headphone direct on the DT, the sound is very loud and I set master volume to middle max. When I plug stereo out on my focusrite scralett input, I set the volume of the DT to the max.
But, as @InTheAM said, just turn up the volume on your interface and you should have good volume. If not enough (it should be) you should have a lot of headroom on your monitor speaker.