How to internally mute an externally sequenced track?

Hello Elektronauts. I am new to the forum and I need your help.

I just switched from the Machinedrum to the Rytm MK2. In the Machinedrum the MUTE function mutes a track no matter if its using the internal sequencer or external midi notes. This was super useful in a Live Set context to briefly mute -without using the computer- a Kick that is externally sequenced from Ableton Live while the other channels are sequenced internally

But in the Rytm MK2, the MUTE seems to work only with the internal sequencer… because it is letting the incoming midi info pass thru and its very annoying. So, the Kick is still making sound even if its muted in the AR when receiving notes from Ableton and that forces me to dive into the computer to apply such mute (which takes valuable time in the context of a Live Set).

Question: Is there any way to quickly apply a total mute to a track in the Rytm in the same way that it worked in the Machinedrum?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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