How to jam with different sounds on one track?

Hi! I was jamming with friends and noticed that recording on the fly is not too handy.

What I mean. You can use different sounds on one track on different steps. But you can do it by paste some sound or edit trig preset. And it is OK for working on pattern alone.

If you use same way while jamming your friends will hear all your work: kick on wrong place, then you changed sound and it is a another wrong sound and finally it is a good one. It’s a bad for me.

In Novation Circuit you can have samples on two lower rows of pads and you can record some drumm pattern with different instantly right on one track.

So, do you know something how I can get few sounds on one track in nice way? May be you can merge few track in one? Or set different sounds on different notes? Do you know something? Or maybe it is just impossible and I’ll better swap cycles to circuit?

ask Elektron to implement the live sound lock recording available on analogs and digitone - very improv friendly