How to loop specific steps/pages

Is there a way to make the sequencer momentarily loop specific steps or pages? Say you are working on a 64 step loop and you would like to work on page 2 (step 17-31) instead of cycling through the whole 64 steps - is there a way to loop that page only momentarily? Can’t seem to find anything in manual about it.

No however you can copy the trigs of the current page by doing Copy + Page, you could then jump to another pattern, paste, work to taste, copy, jump back to previous pattern and paste your page back in place. Not ideal, but it works.

Another way is working in chain mode. So instead of making a 64 step pattern, make 4 16 step patterns, chain them, then jump around as needed.


Ok, great I will try that then - seems like a nice workaround. Thanks!

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If I’m working in a 4 bar pattern can I just audition and edit bar 4 (for example) without having to constantly wait 4 bars each time hear my edits of that bar?

Doesn’t seem to be a way without creating a new single bar pattern. Shame

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If you want to,

-Use per track scale mode, leave pattern length 64 but set ch. len to 16. Use the first page to make your sequence, copy it by pressing page+copy, paste it in the right spot, repeat…
-Use another pattern set to 16 steps to create the pages then copy+paste to the 64 step pattern…


Huh! That’s so obvious, but it never occurred to me!

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I might be missing something but that doesn’t solve my purpose does it?

I just want to edit bar four and be able to listen to it in isolation. I guess that isn’t possible.

You are indeed correct, that is not possible, I guess that’s why I wrote “If you want to”…

It doesn’t do exactly what you’d like but it could perhaps be better than waitng 3 bars between every play of the 4th bar…

It just came to me!

Func + Arrow Buttons push the left button 16 times- Your first page will now be the fourth bar.

Do this for every active track. Set pattern length to 16.

Once you’re finished editing, return length to 64 and Func+> 16 times for every active track.


Ok thanks

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Ah!! Now I know for what the buttons need that multi-million-presses rating :wink:

… when all 16 tracks are active => 256x [FUNC]+Arrow just to get in editing position for page 2 & 4 (512x for page 3) …

(Dear Elektron, please implement key-repeat at least for [FUNC]+Arrow)


hey thats great thanks

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I wanted to see how triplets can be achieved on the DT, and to my head the best thing to do was to just use the metronome on 12/16 and leave the pattern length at 48/48 (16 steps x 3 pages), to avoid messing with microtiming. But something has happened along the way… Now, my pattern plays all the way through, but when it comes back to page 1, page 1 is played twice before advancing to page 2! Anyone know what’s up with that? :face_with_monocle:

Nevermind, figured it out. I had put track length to 48, and p.length was still at 64


Is there a way to copy an entire page (for all tracks) and paste that into a new pattern? I could swear I’ve done it before and I think it’s what people are talking about in this thread. However, now I can only copy a page for one track at a time.

PAGE + COPY and PAGE + PASTE work as expected in grid record mode. That copies trigs for the current track only. Outside of grid record mode – where I’d expect a “copy page for all tracks” to live – I can’t even select a page, much less copy one. What am I missing?

For exemple i have a pattern of 64 steps ( 4 pages ), i want to work only on the second page while listening to it as a loop. HELP ?

Not possible. A workaround is to copy-paste the page to a new 16 step pattern, work on it, then copy-paste it to page 2 of orig pattern

Not possible but there’s a workaround. If you move the second measure (page) on the first measure (page) by holding FUNC + pressing the Left Arrow 16 times, then set the pattern to 1 measure you will be working in a loop on the second measure.

When your finished, you can go back to 4 measures and move the first page to the second page (FUNC + right Arrow 16 times).

Don’t forget to SAVE your Pattern to a NEW Pattern first. Just in case.

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Just use quick save mode and you don’t have to save to a new pattern.

I have another problem but it concern this DT functionality… Is it possible to make a 1 step repeat only? DT looks doesn’t allow to play the sequence less of 2 steps lenght… I’m asking because I would like to make those dj kind of stuff… (just sometimes) thanks