How to make drums on A4

hey !! does anyone have a tip for a tutorial that deals with percussions or drums specifically for the A4. You could call up a drum kit in the A4 and explore it, but I think tutorials are better - maybe there is something decent?

Stesso problema. Oltre che inserire beat di bass drum non riesco. Avete indicazioni per cortesia?

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“Same problem. Besides inserting bass drum beats I can’t. Do you have any directions please?”

@Xion Scommetto che anche il tuo telefono ha una funzione di traduzione.

yes, that wouldn’t be bad. There is already a good tutorial about the DT on how to create drums. many always say how great the drums are on the a4, but there are hardly any instructions on how to make sensible persussions. and I don’t think it’s so nice to use already finished sounds, because it’s much better when you merge the individual sounds into the track yourself and have control over the sound without spilling.

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There’s nothing unique about the A4’s synth engine. At its heart, each of its 4 tracks is just a subtractive synth with 2-ish oscillators, multimode filter, envelopes, and LFOs.

This describes the vast majority of hardware and software synths made since the debut of the minimoog. Any tutorial about making percussion on a “synth” probably applies.


The key to making good drum sounds on any synth is knowing the fundamentals of the target sound, then carefully adjusting until it sounds right, it takes a bit of time, so a quick tutorial isn’t really going to be much use outside of getting you in the ballpark.

I highly recommend for beginners to read the SOS articles on drum synthesis, they explain well the basics and some intermediate techniques, which make a good foundation to expand on for more advanced stuff as you progress.

Here is a link:

Keep in mind these are not the last word in drum synthesis techniques but they are plenty to get stuck in and start creating.

IMHO the A4 is one of the best monosynths to use for a range of percussion sounds, the Arp2600 and Korg MS20 are also excellent.


The AM-capabilities make it stand out for drum synthesis IMO.


Audio rate lfo modulation with the fade env set to a fast attack are your friend