How to make GeoShred's note areas longer?

I’m using GeoShred on my phone, which is fine, but sometimes I’d like each note to be a long rectangle instead of a square for certain modulations. I’ve seen this in the demos, where he notes become large so that you only have two rows worth of notes instead of the normal six, but I just can’t figure out how to get there. Does anyone here know GeoShred?

If you’re asking what I think you’re asking: Go to the settings (the three vertical dots), and choose “Models & FX”. In your list of devices, you should have a “Perform” device at the first position in the list. Press that. Then choose the “Keyboard” tab.

Now, under “Layout”, choose how many strings and feets you’d like (in your case, you should go with two strings).


Dammit, I’m only finding patches that say “Overidden by Global Keyboard Layout” there. I guess I can figure it out from here, I guess by saving to a custom patch or keep searching.

Hmm… I haven’t seen that message myself, but you should be a able to change the global settings at: Settings > Keyboards layout > Global.


Yes, that works. But that overidden by global is inconvenient. Rather than change my global, I’d prefer to have it ignore per patch.