How to midi into ChaseBliss through Meris Midi IO?

trying to sequence my TonalRecall with my pyramid. I do have a Meris Midi IO and am having no issues here cnnecting it to empress or meris. This is hard to debug for me as I suspect i dont have the correct cable - however, they sell one on their website but following that logic i would need another adapter so am hesitant to order (pay and wait)

can anyone explain? could i use an insert cable instead? obvs i tried but there many factors that I could be doing wrong. would love some insight. many thanks

edit: added a questionmark in the title so no one thinks I’d know :alien:

yep - curious about the cable and if I could fake with one half of an insert cable. my logic tells me that yes - but cant make it work. since there are too many factors I could be doing wrong and my logic might just well be off. so I’m curious what the actual requirement is (since the one sold at chasebliss is 1/8 to 1/4 which is still not what I’d need)