How to play RYTM track chromatically in overbridge

I’m using Overbridge from FL Studio. I’d like to sequence one of the tracks chromatically from FL’s piano roll, but the only notes that work from the piano roll are notes 1-12, and they control the 12 individual RYTM tracks. Is there a way to add the RYTM/Overbridge VST in FL so that it will play only a single RYTM track chromatically?

I think the lowest Octave (starting at C-2?) is across all tracks.

//edit: nvm, misread the question, PeterHanes got you :slight_smile:

I don’t have an AR and I’ve never used Overbridge, but the AR’s manual states:

MIDI note values 12-59 (corresponding to notes C1 - B4, the second through to the fifth octave in the MIDI range) will trigger the Sound of the active track in any of its 48 chromatic variations (as if played by the pads in CHROMATIC mode, see section below), from lowest to highest pitch. The track Sound needs to be chromatic enabled if any variation is to be heard. Activate via the SOUND SETTINGS found in “SOUND MENU” on page 26.

Have you set the sound to play chromatically? For synth or sample play, as applicable?

So playing a C on octave five from an external keyboard will play a C on all tunable Rytm machines ?

See above:

So C5 is just out of range. B4 is the highest note.

Ok sry, but all C sent by midi will play a C, on all different machines ?

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Because different manufacturers use different labels for octaves, it’s best to determine which MIDI Note numbers your external keyboard sends out. As stated, the AR responds to MIDI Notes 12-59 chromatically.

Whether the pitch you hear is a C depends also on the sound settings: the analog engines need careful tuning and the samples used need to be of a known tuning in order to ensure that you hear a C. There is a lot of discussion on the forum about tuning:

The machines need to be carefully tuned; many are designed for percussion sounds, not as melodic sounds. They may be difficult to keep in tune across the full 4-octave range.