How to precisely control arp during performance?

I have an arp running at x6 and at one point i need to change it to x3 for two bars and then x1 for one bar, then back to x6.

The knob is very touchy, I never get it right while live. And I can’t p-lock it. And perf control doesn’t touch arps either. And I can’t control arp via MIDI. Is there anything I’ve missed?

Please don’t make me sequence the entire arp externally…

Feature requests.

Could you use different kits saved on duplicate patterns, that only really have the difference of arp speed? It would limit your performance control while jumping between them but it seems like a reasonable way to do it right? I’ve messed a bit with this sort of thing and it worked for me.


I tried it that out and it totally works! It will require some fancy footwork because I’m transposing at the same time but the spirit of cenk will be with me. Thank you fellow elektronaut :pray:t2: