How to quantize specific track OT?

On the octatrack I have" quantize live rec" off in my personal settings but I want to know if there’s a way to apply quantize when I want, other than manually doing it with micro timing. Thanks

[MKI] Page 75 of the english manual

…always a good start for questions like these :wink:

Can’t find anything on that in the manual. is micro timing the only way? For example on the digitakt all you have to do is press FUNC then the TRIG button and it allows you to choose how much quantize you want. I’ve found a setting that allows me to quantize 50% but I don’t want that

First paragraph of page 75. Press YES quickly 6 times in the track trigs menu to fully quantize the current track.

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Thank you!!! It doesn’t say this on page 75 on my manual but yes thank you for telling me

Maybe it’s on p74 in the old MKI hard copy, I don’t know how much the pagination changed between that and the current v1.4 manual PDF.

Basically every time you press YES in that menu it quantizes the track trigs by 50%; 6 times clears the microtiming completely.

Pressing [ENTER/YES] while in this menu can be used to quantize trigs to approximately 50 percent of their original micro timing value. Use this operation when you want to tighten up a track where micro timing has been used, but not fully quantize it. Quickly perform the operation 6 times in a row to have the micro timing cleared for all trigs.