How to record mono and hear it on BOTH channels

I found this on another forum asking the same thing, but the thread was already locked.

So the solution according to this thread should be “edit screen in the audio editor–>mix channels–>add l+r; in the future, just record A instead of AB for mono inputs.” correct?

Okay, don’t laugh but could someone PLEASE explain this to me with all the knobs I have to press. How do I get to those mix channels, please STEP by STEP.

In my case I have mono synth on INPUT C of the OT
I selected a Thru machine and in the “default window” (the one you get when you exit all), I tried changing INCD to C and C+D, In both cases the Right channel sounds WAY lower than the Left

If you are monitoring the sound that is coming into audio input C, then selecting INCD to be “C” for the Thru machine (confusingly, the options are only described on page 50 of the OT manual) should give an even stereo signal.

The the left and right signal levels are not equal, you first need to check your setting for BAL on the AMP MAIN page. If there is still a problem, you need to check the rest of your monitoring path.


This doesn’t do anything… maybe you meant for already recorded samples, right now I’m still trying to get my synth to sound on both speakers and now I don’t hear the Right channel anymore by the way. Very frustrating

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Umm, as Peter said set the thru machine to input “C”, make sure that balance on the amp page of that thru machine in the center, open mixer and make sure dir is 0 for CD, make sure you are trigging the thru track. This is the process to have a mono signal on input C be audible from both the main outs…
If this doesn’t work it could be some scene or effect or something messing it up, if so try on a new bank for sanity…


This was what was missing
Are these things that are explained in the manual. I have it open constantly in pdf and try to search all the time. I’m curious to know how you found this out yourself? thx again


Setting CD DIR to 0 in the Mixer Menu removes the direct throughput from the inputs (which are treated as hard-wired stereo) to the main output. Then the sound only comes through the Thru machine.

Using OT can be frustrating at first. It’s a combination of taking one thing at a time, reading the manual as a reference, searching the forum, reading Merlin’s “Some thoughts on Elektron’s Octatrack”, and keeping in mind that things will become clear with time.


Since you said the left was louder than the right, I figured you were double monitoring. The dir setting in the mixer just passes the audio from the inputs to the outputs, but C goes directly to left and D goes directly to right. The thru machine monitoring does not cancel out the mixers dir function, so your thru was working to send input C to both the main outs, but the dir parameter in the mixer was also sending input C to the left out, so that sound was extra loud! All the info is in the manual but not in step by step instructions, so it takes time and practice to realize all the settings and how they work with each other, keep at it, it gets a lot easier after awhile…


Seems like our friend Cenk from Elektron has the same problem: (at +/-26m25s)
The little synth he was sampling before the Moog was indeed heard on both speakers, maybe he just didn’t notice that the Moog was only on one side, or he decided to ignore it)

Is there a way to not waste a scarce channel just for monitoring a mono signal in the center?

I need all 8 channels for programming, however i want to monitor mono synths through the inputs, which i can do without a thru machine, only i cant tell them to go center instead of panned hard.

Any solution to this or do i have to sacrifice a channel for a thru machine just to get the pan in the middle?

not possible, although this would be a very sensible feature request.
the OT’s hardware might not allow it, but the Mix window already has a lot of flexible options.

if there isn’t room in the Mix window to make this option available, the feature could be made available to select in one of the Project option screens.

it goes without saying that if you are happy with how a mono synth is sounding, albeit through one speaker, the monosynth signal could be sampled from the single input and then obviously would playback from the Flex Record Slot as a stereo audio clip.

Potentially Distracting Edit:
a somewhat strange workaround could be to sum the OT stereo output to monaural.
this would require mixing everything in mono, each track balanced centrally.

connect the two mono jacks of a regular Insert lead to the left and right Main Stereo Output.
utilising a series of connectors to send the stereo jack of the insert lead out to both the speakers.
there are benefits to mixing in mono, particularly if the tracks are to be played at a club or festival.

There is a limited way with Pickups.
You can load a sample instead of recording buffer in File menu.
Select A/B/C/D in Rec Setup 1
Monitor it mono with AB or CD in Rec Setup 2

Limits :
Shared Fx
Have to press Rec CD to play the pickup sample
Have to use Quantize Trig set to Pattern Length to sync the sample
No plocks

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Cheap line mixer with pan on channels and stereo output is another possible option. It’s what I used to do with the Rytm input. Mackie Mix5 was $40 on eBay and sounded good enough.

This works if you were going to use both inputs for monitoring 2 or more synths.

I wish you the best of luck!

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Hi all - thanks.
External mixer on,y good if im not sampling on the fly.

I need stuff to run into my ot for monitoring and hearing in realtime with an option to sample as i go along.

Maybe a mixer with aux outs but the degredation is quite noticable

Analog degradation ?

Of course. The aux sends of cheapo mixers are total signal eaters( not just the auxea btw). There is a reason why a decent mixer costs thousands and more.

I have in my studio a little entry api mixer with very little features that cost 14k.

Ok. :smile:
Have fun with your gear, don’t focus too much on mono, if you think it costs that much !

An Y cable on inputs would eat your sound that much with gain compensation ? :thinking:
Mono can be cheap.

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Y cable splits TRS signals. My mono synths are mostly TS

Maybe one of these could be helpful


Hi, my OT (MK2) froze twice and since that I don’t hear the thru machines :frowning: I see the input signal on the blinking leds but unfortunately there is no sound coming out of the thru machine (and if I set the DIR in the mixer I can hear the input signal well). There are no effects and everything is “clean” in the AMP section. Do you have any ideas what can cause this?

You need to put a play trig on the thru track or hold the track button and press play to enable audio.