How to record separate tracks at the same time?

Anyone figured out how to record separate tracks at the same time yet?

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Assign to each individual input, or stereo to the record buffers you want to record into. Add one shot trigger on each recorder, then press func/yes in play mode (I think I’m correct on this). The oneshots should ARM.
Edit: You could just use a regular trigger. This is just the way I use record trigs.


Correct. Grid Recording off, Yes or Func + Yes, depending on your Personalize settings.*

Double stop (OT stopped) can also arm all one shots.

Yes but you can’t remove them on several tracks, so you have to play a pattern without rec trigs after, or use Arranger HALT.

*Personalize option

DISABLE YES/NO ARM will when checked disable the one shot trig arming and disarming when simply pressing [ENTER/YES] or [EXIT/NO]. Note that when this arm/disarm functionality is disabled, the same functionality can be achieved by pressing [FUNCTION] + [ENTER/YES] or [FUNCTION] + [EXIT/NO]. Read more about one shot trigs in section “12.4.4 ONE SHOT TRIGS” on page 66