How to record to abelton from digitakt

I’ve watched a bunch of videos on this, but I get stuck where I hit record in ableton but it never triggers the digitakt to play, I have sync clock and transport selected, so not sure why when I hit record on the clip it never triggers the digitackt. Any help would be great thanks

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i don’t have a digitakt so can’t walk you through the process but generally, you need to send midi clock/sync to the digitakt so that the transport in ableton controls the external sequencer.

you have to make sure you have a midi track sending sync or that it’s set up in the global preferences of Ableton.

also, for audio you have to make sure the track is receiving from the correct source… so “audio from” should be digitakt (i assume you’re doing this over USB? are you using overbridge?)

and when you record the track you want to record on needs its monitor input switched to “IN” and not “AUTO”

as said… i don’t have a digitakt and i assume you’re using USB to send/receive audio/midi… maybe someone who records this way can sort you out. it shouldn’t be too complicated.

I record on the standalone overbridge app and import the audio into Ableton live. It is the easiest method for me. :man_shrugging:


I’ve never tried this and I’ve been looking for a solution to latency problems recording through overbridge into ableton. I gotta try doing this. You can record each individual track separately into overbridge right?

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Yes indeed, that’s right, you can, confirmed, certified, approved, muy bueno! :raised_hands:


Here’s a pretty straight forward vid about setting up OB in ableton. Keep in mind you’re gonna want to have the latest version of OB and the DT firmware. Also gonna want to make sure your usb settings is set to OB in the systems menu.