How to remix my DT projects? Is the SP-404 any good for DJing?


I had the Digitakt for about 3 years now, and I am starting to have quite some projects.
I am looking to reorganize them by tempo, dividing each one of them into steams so that I can have a long DJ set. To make it interesting, I am looking for some effects to spice up the things.

The Digitakt is nice to craft ideas, but for a live set, you can’t use on its own.

The sp404 seems to be a good option.

What do you guys think? Any recommendation?

Make stems then stick back into one DT project so you can play a long set with them.

No need for new gear then.

People do play live sets with DT, it can be done.

I’m in the same situation, I took a koass pad 3 which is a fx box and looper, so I can loop the DT and make a transition, using fx, when changing project :wink:


This ? :content:


Thanks I will check it out! That sounds awesome!

Another thing with using the DT in a live set, there is a big risk of damaging it… the buttons are so fragile, and with the sweat and all the change in the parameters, I don’t want to risk to break it speacially that there is no option to back-up a DT (AND Elektron just increased its price by 30%!)

I’ve done this with the DN and 404SX. Sample the DN project to the 404 and jam away till I like it and resample. Lots of fun to be had and I’m sure it would be great live.


This guy gave me the idea, it works very well. the looper on kp3 is very intuitive and it can be fully operate with one finger :wink:

I plan to make a little live video soon too, love to use it with the DT!


IIRC it has a limited recording length. I guess you set it clock slave. Does the loop keeps playing if you stop the DT ?
(I had one maybe 15 years ago).

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yes the max loop length is pretty short (4 bars), but that’s enough for what i do with it. I dont use it clocked, i do it by ears :wink: so Yes it keep playing when i stop the DT :wink: It’s very easy to make perfect loops on it. I have to try in clock slave mode !

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Pretty sure you can back up the DT now

Calling @DaveMech , what say you? Is the DT really not possible and weak and fragile? :wink:

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Every time I gig my sweat rains down on it and puts dents in the casing.


True, Ive already melted 2 octatracks from all the sweat dripping off me at home, just cus its hot… (I dont play out anymore, too old, cant be bothered)

And all the parameters fell off one day, well I say fell. They jumped and ran off on an adventure. Took me ages to round them up again.

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Hm? It has been possible to backup DT from the very beginning it was released and since two years it has become much easier because you can export self contained project files that include the samples.

My DT is now 6 years old and used pretty much daily. Never had a single thing replaced.

I guess it depends a bit on your workflow, but to me DT is near perfect for live performances. One thing is important here: create everything in one project.


I will check on the back-up thanks

You make sets using only one digitakt?

I saw one of your videos and it seems that you are using 4 samplers (2 digitakt and 2 octatracks)?

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Never had 2 octatracks.
Had a setup in the past with 2xDT and 2x DN. That’s years ago though.
I don’t play with just a DT but it is possible :slight_smile:
Of course fun to add something to it. dn + DT is a wonderful combination

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If budget is no issue, I would say the OT is made for this purpose. Not many things that come close in terms of live performance options.

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That’s what I am wondering now… but it is quite a leap in price