How to select which slot sample is going to be used for grid recording?

Can’t find the info how to select which sample is going to be triggered when adding trigs in grid recording. I’m on slots mode. When I press record key to enter the trigs I don’t know which one of the samples that I added to slots is going to be played and can’t find the info where to select which sample is going to be placed. Please help!


Each track has a default sample . Double press the T1 button for example to select the default .

If you want to override the sample on the track per trig, hold the trig down and use up or down buttons to select a new sample for that trig only .

The octatrack is a bit evil :imp: this way , simple things can look a bit confusing at first but when you get into it , it makes totally sense


Thanks a lot @glennbech !

If you want to enter a lot of different slots/sample locks, you could use Live Record mode with the trigs Slots mode. This will let you play the slots on the trig keys. You can then tidy up your timing using Grid Record and the micro-timing editor (if you need to).

Alternatively (e.g. when you want to just two or three slots per pattern), enter a single sample lock for each sound you want to use, and then copy & paste it to all the trigs you want to sound. In Grid mode, hold the trig, hit [Rec] to copy and [Stop] to paste.

thanks @Octagonist that’s really useful info!

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