How to send MIDI from Model:Cycles to Ableton

Hi there… And THANX ALL for the help; though it would be easier for me.

I want to send MIDI from Cycles to Ableton in order to record in Ableton the patterns I have created in every track.

I hve selected it as MIDI input in Ableton and armed the track to receive midi, also selected on Cycles config to send MIDI via USB. There is no signal coming to Albeton.

I have tried the oposite and it works; I create a MIDI pattern in Ableton and it sends the MIDI Ok to Cycles in order to play it.


Midi Out needs to be enabled per track in your patterns - look in the track menu


Thank you very MUCH!!! It makes sense. Will try it today as soon as i get back to work.


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Did this work for you? Are you also able to record automation?

This worked fine for recording the sequencer. It didn’t worked for parameter automation though… I am by far not expert in MIDI but i think it goes trough different MIDI channels… I also want to understand how to record parameter changes but was trying to figure it out by myself. Maybe I should post new thread. Will do it after work.

I kinda mentioned it in another thread in passing but a dedicated thread might help—if I have time before you I’ll post one.

I came across a few M4L devices that seem to allow this functionality but have yet to test them. I think you can record the automation through Ableton, but to record what you’re actually doing with the knobs on the M:C in real-time would be nice - just not sure how to get that working.

I don’t have a Cycles but on the Samples, you have to enable the encoders in the settings, to be able to transmit midi from them. Default is internal, but you want internal and external. It’s likely to be the same on the Cycles.

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