How to send midi OMNI off msg?

I have an old synth which always starts up in midi omni mode. There’s no way to deactivate it on the synth itself, but it does respond to a midi omni off message.

Atm I’m using Ableton Live 8 and Digitone. I also have C6 installed. Is there a way to send a midi omni off message from either Live, C6 or Digitone? I found that midi CC #124 sends an omni off message, but neither Live 8 or Digitone send midi CCs past #119.

Use whatever you use to create the desired Cc and record that message into a C6 file, then play that file back at the synth via C6 when needed. (Presuming doing so from the origin of the recorded message is not convenient)

If live8 supports M4L maybe you could get somebody to create a custom device or find one

Thanks Avantronica.

A friend helped me sort it out with this little app, which can send any midi cc message.

Next I’ll be trying to include an omni off message in my L8 template file :slightly_smiling_face: