How to sequence Moog Sub 37 via AK/AF CV/Gate outs?

Hi, my issue is not about the Sub but about the Minitaur and i think is related and same in here i cannot control Mini via CV pitch as well. Gate works normaly, but the pitch does not change minitaur at all, i tried to press YES and change the voltage in the menu, but tone from Mini remain same. Already sent the question to Elektron. I am hopping it is just SW issue and not something wrong with the HW.

Here are the stats :

User Error : 35%
Wrong Cable : 50%
Cable wrong way round : 15%
SW issue : 0%

All the discussions for all the CV synths are equally useful here and every permutation has been discussed - do a little search, then be methodical with the wisdom acquired

Is the cable really a splitter ?
Are the Tip / Ring going where you think ?
Are the settings for Gate and Pitch roughly as per the discussions ?
Have you opted for a Hz/V when you wanted V/Oct (also S-trig/V-Trig) ?

I am not sure if cv p in depnds on keyboard tracking settings, else you also need to check if cv p in is mapped to something else instead of pitch

Hi, thank you for your response, so i can list what i already went through :slight_smile:

  • cables are mono jack - it is mk2 version
  • same cable which works to trigger GATE was used for pitch, i tried to swap them to be sure that there is not the fault, GATE always works, neither Pitch
  • tried all settings what i found here even according to Moog manual (they recommend C1 to be 1V, C4 4V), but i tried the 0,355V and 2.446V from other users here…but the main issue is that when i try to change the voltage the tone remain same, it does not response to V change at all. the keyboard on AF4 plays same note on every trigger even the voltages are set like Note 1 - C1 - 1V, Note 2 - C4 - 4V, the keyboard plays still the same note on every key…
  • tried both Hz/V and V/Oct but Moog should be V/OCt anyway

…but to be completely honest with you, i did not have straight mono jack cable available so i am using mono jack-)XLR female-)male XLR -) mono jack, so according to your list of the main issues i will try to buy just plain mono jack on both sides. It confuses me that this works for gate trigger, but maybe maybe :wink:
This list is pretty obvious :slight_smile:
User Error : 35%
Wrong Cable : 50%
Cable wrong way round : 15%
SW issue : 0%

Did you watch this tutorial ? He explains it in detail:


Yes, i have seen this, but i have mk2 version, so separate CV outputs + i want to use signal back comming into FX track to save the normal track. But i am doing same steps but Minitaur just don´t change pitch when i am changing Voltage on AF4 mk2. :confused:

I think that XLR cable is causing you to lose your signal (maybe it’s put on ring instead of tip and then lost).
If you have a voltmeter you can see if the signal is making it out to the end easily…


Be aware that the newer moog synths only respond to positive voltages over CV, and that they add the cv to the last received MIDI note. If you send a negative voltage, OR the combined note value of the last received midi note + CV exceeds the high note threshold on the minitaur you will not hear a change in pitch, while everything is connected properly…

Ergo: play the lowest C thru MIDI to the minitaur before you send CV to it, and make sure you are playing an octave on A4 that sends out a positive voltage.

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Thank you, i am aware of this, i did it, i played the note via USB from Logic and after this the octave changed on AF4 via CV, but still AF cannot transpose it. Anyway thank you all, i had response from Olle, so i will send him the video of the issue and he will advice me more i believe. Anyway it looks like i am only focusing on this, but what i want to point out the AF4 mk2 + Minitaur is KILLER combo :slight_smile: instant techno for life :wink: Apart this CV struggle i am more than happy with the instrument!

Hi, just want to give a tip maybe for others as we finaly make the CV output of AF4 mk2 controling Minitaur CV in, the settings which worked for me was CVA ( of course if you choose A+B outputs) - GATE V-trig 5.0V and CVB - Pitch V/oct Note1 C 1 - 0.000 V, Note 2 C5 4.000 V, after that press first C3 on AF keyboard. After that everything works flawlessly at least for me.