How to sequence Moog Sub 37 via AK/AF CV/Gate outs?

hello…does anyone knows how i can control moog sub 37 via a4 cv gates outputs…(send a sequence)…ill tried a cv box bought on ebay…its extra made for A4…may i dont have the right setting?..i only want to send midinotes (cv/gate) to moog sub 37…for playing a sequence…thx for helping…

What does the box do? You shouldn’t need anything extra as far as I know. The Sub 37 has the CV inputs on the side and the A4/AK has the CV outs built in as well. You should just be able to connect them directly. However I’m not sure of the type of cables you need to use or any of that. You might need to tune the CV outs on the A4/AK per the recent OS update but I’m not sure.

I am a guitarist who has recently ventured into the world of synthesizers with an A4 and this week a Sub37. Both are incredible and fantastic complements to my primary passion, guitar. I have read the manual and other posts regarding using the A4 to control the Sub37, but thus far nothing has really impressed me. Perhaps I am missing something.

I am using the setup described in the A4 manual on page 63, with one y cable for pitch and gate and then a mono cable for filter. I also went into the A4 CV menu and followed the directions on page 63.

Question: Do I need to set up two notes? If so, why and how do I access those two notes? Right now, I have C set to 3 volts. I have a feeling that it should be set to 1 volt and another note (not sure which one should be set to 4 volts). Again, not sure why and if so, how do I leverage these two notes

Right now, all I hear on the sub37 when I execute a pattern on the A4 is the last note played on the sub37. Sort of nice, but I was expecting much more and I suspect I am either overlooking some important functionality when I have the A4 control aspects of the sub37. I just don’t know how.

Thoughts and advice appreciated.

The 37’s sequencer rules. It’s about to get way better with the upcoming update. Just sync it and enjoy.

the real question is… what is your goal in controlling the sub37 with the a4?

the sub37 has some nice capability on its own

only link between my a4 and sub37 is midi clock sync (along with other devices) :slight_smile:

search the forum for some good info on the a4 and cv

for what it’s worth, the new sub37 firmware has a very nice sequencer upgrade and also allows you to map cv to just about anything…so you will be able to control things other than just filter, etc etc…

thanks. been a good day with both.

Hi, there are one or two threads of people comparing the AK vs the Sub 37. Are there any folks here using them together?

I spent too much time trying to figure out how to use my Monotribe via CV as an additional oscillator for my AK (ending in failure, I think my Monotribe OS did not update properly). Today I saw this clip (which probably already made the rounds months ago) of a sound engineer who played 10 analog synths together for a super saw:

Wow, it was massive. Then it dawned on me, forget the Monotribe - I could try playing my AK and Sub 37 together using MIDI. I have to get some 5 pin MIDI cables to test it out. Has anyone here tried that?

I did a cursory scan on youtube and found a few clips of the Analog Rytm and Sub 37 being MIDI synched - but nothing with the Sub 37 and AK together.

I’m curious…why do this with MIDI when you could just do it directly with CV from the AK to the Sub 37? Is it because the Sub37 is duophonic?

You have 4 CV outputs, so you could actually send duophonic pitch/gate from the AK. Then you’ll have the full power of the AK sequencer.

If you used the AK to control the Sub37 via MIDI, you’d only be using it as a controller, not a sequencer, because the AK doesn’t sequence MIDI.

I use both of them in the studio. So far I have not connectec both over midi, but used both in midi mode. Since there have been no issues with the midi-interfaces, a typical midi-out to midi-in would get you there.

If you want it sequenced, use the Sub37 sequencer, because it sends out it’s midi to the midi-network. The AK just keeps any sequencing inside the box and can not be used to take control over external gear by midi.

Hello I have a problem, output gate cv with sub 37 is not working.
That parameters used in analog4?
I do not know.
Thank you.

I have question/problem:

trying to play/sequence the sub 37 (moog) with analog keys via CV AB split cable. both machines latest firmware.

I am able to get sounds from the sub 37 so gate and pick are setup okay.

problem: sub 37 out of tune

I tried tuning it as is written in the manual of analog keys page 56 and 57

but when I:

(quote from the manual:

Before configuring the pitch output you should setup a gate output so that notes can be triggered on the receiv- ing end. You should also set up the gate and pitch parameters so that they use the same source track for trigger- ing notes.
Select NOTE 1, it could for example be C3. Then highlight VOLTAGE 1 and press the[YES/SAVE]key. This will trigger a C3 note which is played for as long as you hold down the key. While keeping[YES/SAVE]pressed, adjust the voltage until the controlled synthesizer actually plays the note C3 using[ARROW]keys[LEFT]/ [RIGHT]orDATA ENTRYknobA. If you don’t have a tuning device, we recommend you play the corresponding note on one of the Analog Keys internal tracks and tune by ear. )

hold down the [yes/save] key the note (i.e. C3) is not played at all.

so a play a key and hear a note. if i then turn DATA ENTRY knob A the pitch does not change gradually but in steps of 0.1 Volts.

Could someone help me out?

thanks in advance

BUMP … I’m very courious for an answer too … but I don’t have a Sub ( yet ) :joy:

Got my Sub 37 last week and was also facing some problems in the first. But I have to admit, manly due to my misunderstanding.

From what I understand, you also managed to get the gate set up properly. So you need to set CV-Pitch settings correctly.

First you should check, if you selected “V/Oct” ant the AK. Using “Hz/Oct” will lead to massive shifted tones on the Sub37.

Second big mistake I made was, I forgot how CV works. The CV Notes send from AK to Sub37 can be transposed using the keyboard of the Sub 37 e.g. you send C2-D2-E2 from AK via CV and press maybe D2 on the Sub37 you’ll get D2-E2-F#2.

That’s quite useful for live performance, but if you also send Midi-Notes from the Sub37 to the AK, you double this up somehow and get a massively shifted result. So be shure not to accept Midi notes on the CV-track from your Sub37.

If that’s working, go for the CV scaling procedure. Press C2 on the Sub37 and make shure you hear C2. From now don’t touch the Sub37!!!

Then select C2 on the AK in the scaling menu, select 0.000V and press OK. Change the voltage until you can hear C2 from the Sub37 by pressing OK on the AK. Then go to the second note and maybe select C4 and a voltage of 2.000V. Hit OK and change the voltage until you hear C4 from the Sub37. Now it should be in tune perfectly.

You can play the Sub 37 via the Keys of the AK. Now, if you hit any key on the Sub 37, the notes on the Sub37 should be transposed to C2. Hit C2 on the Sub 37 and everything should be in tune again. :slight_smile:


Now this is one of the most practical and clear explenations I’ve read until now … :+1:


Elektron Support | February 15, 2016 10:38:52 AM
Hi Jesse, There is a bug in the current firmware not triggering the GATE when pressing yes. This makes it difficult to set the correct values right now. The simplest workaround is to set Note1 to C5 Voltage1 to 0.000V and Note2 to C6, Voltage2 to 1.000V. Play C5 on the keyboard and change Voltage1 to tune to the closest C. After that play C6 on the keyboard and change Voltage2 until you tune that to the closest C(One octave above the previous C) as well. Hope this helps. Regards, Olle

thanks for your reply to my questions,

i will wait for an update (there is a bug apparently; see the reply I got from electron)

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Hello happy owners of the SUB37/AK combo,

I am a little lazy this morning, and had an heavy night yesterday, so I would like to avoid reading manuals, hence, can someone make me a favor and describe the settings to correctly drive the SUB37 via CV from the AK ?

Many thanks and sorry for my laziness, but CV is still a grey zone for me :smile:

Hi there,

i would like to sequence and control my sub37 with the great Sequencer from elektron.

But i have no idea how to do it.

in a perfect world iwould use the keyboard of the sub37 to play my A4,
but use the sequencer of the A4 to tell the sub what to do.

also in the chain my AR…
by the way is it possible to save in the A4 Project wich pattern from the A4 is connected with a pattern from the AR?

thanks for any help!


The Sub 37 has also a cv pitch in calibration, using 1 and 4V as reference. read the manual. CV in goes from 0 to 5 V.

So you could use use first note on AK/A4 as c3 with 1V and c6 with 4V.

hi, i want to cv control my moog sub 37 from a4 i can’t understand the manual please can someone help explain in a simple way…i just want basic sync and clock control so i can make baseline on a4 cv track which trigger sequences the moog.?

hi did you manage to figure out cv .i have a4 +sub 37 trying to cv i am getting sound but no note changes ?