How to set MD to receive transport from A4 and send to MNM

So I am trying to connect my 3 Elektron machines A4 , MD and MNM.
I’ve managed to send transport from A4 to MD and from MD to MNM.
But when I connect all the three in the next way:


The transport keys only passed to MD . If i click play on MD it does triggers MNM. But it doesn’t works as I expected it to work .

Any suggestions?

Perhaps you have MIDI OUT from MD to MIDI IN on MM. If so, connect MIDI THRU from MD to MIDI IN on MM.

Thanks , works great!

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I actually had a difficult time setting up my MD so that it would receive transport and clock from my AR. That took me a good 30 minutes to figure out. Turns out it was the MIDI settings on the AR that were the problem. :confused: