How to Stop Pattern at the End of the Pattern Loop Programmatically?

Hi everyone,

I thought this would be simple and easy to find but haven’t had luck. I am playing a set and the last song I trigger the stop button at the end of the pattern. Is there an easier way to do this so I’m not trying to time out the stop exactly before the pattern loops? I guess i could change the pattern to a blank pattern page… but still feel like there is an easy answer for this.

For example, STOP, stops the pattern whoever it is, PLAY (while it’s playing) stops the pattern where you stopped it. I’m looking for a button to play through the pattern and stop before the pattern repeats.

Thanks for any help!

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Maybe you can set everything to have the “1ST” trig condition if they’re free. As far as I know the DT can’t program itself to stop.


Resample your pattern? Then make it a single trig that plays to the end just once. As long as it is less than 30 seconds or whatever the limit is.

Thanks for the inputs. It seems sort of insane to me that this isn’t a function. I have a Roland SP-555 and it has this function. (although just for samples not patterns)

What’s the downside of just using an empty pattern? I don’t see what could be easier than that or why it needs to be more complicated

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It’s just not the best functionally. I have to test to make sure that if i do that, the trail of reverb and delay don’t snap to the new blank program… if that’s the case. It will make the cut strange

That makes sense. I would just copy the last pattern and clear the sequence then.