How to sync Digitakt, Mother 32 and DFAM

Does anyone know how I can sequence the Digitakt together with the Moog Mother 32 and the DFAM?
If I do MIDI IN from M32 to MIDI OUT on the Digitakt and then I do from the DFAM patch bay adv/clock to Assign on the mother 32 I can sequence the M32 and play it but the DFAM doesn’t start.
The only way for doing that is by using the sequencer of the M32 and I don’t want that, I would love to use the Digitakt sequencer.

So yeah, how can I do to play all three machines together with the Digitakt ad Master?

A CV.OCD will solve my problems?

Have you made sure that the Assign output is set up to transmit clock?

Also, make sure the Run/stop button is on on the DFAM.

If you want to do more than send clock to the DFAM, you’ll need to use the various CV/gate/trigger outputs of the M32.

If you want to use the Digitakt to sequence the DFAM, the simplest way is via a midi to CV converter like CV.OCD.


Can confirm the clock assign outs on Mother will not run without the on-board sequencer running.

If you don’t have anything with midi-to-CV capabilities already (a Keystep? A MicroFreak?), it’s also possible, if sometimes fiddly (I recall there are ways that work better than others) to

Set the assign out on mother to a CC, like 2 (breath control), then use a DT MIDI track to sequence leading edges (exp envelopes I think?) as a clock, sending that assign out to DFAM clock. There’s an old post here or on Reddit where someone worked out the most sure fire way to do it, I’ll link it if I find it.

Here it is Tempo sync Digitakt, Mother-32 and DFAM - #10 by panpawel88 . I’d done it with a MIDI LFO and this way (a 2 step pattern with 127 and 0 cc values) is more reliable.

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When I use the mother 32 sequencer the DFAM starts playing so yeah, the Assign output is setted up to transmit clock.

I’m gonna try! Thank you!