How to undo a track live recording?

Hi! I am having trouble undoing, or erasing a track after it has been recorded (specifically recorded in live recording mode). If I hold FUNC + PLAY (Clear), the entire pattern is erased. What if I record a pattern and tracks 1, 2 and 3 all sound good, but I record 4, and I don’t like it and want to redo? Is there any way to undo or erase on a TRACK level?

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Do so (same combo) in step record mode - should be covered in the manual

Don’t know DN but saving(just ahead of take)/reloading is an option too

You can do it in different ways. If you are in Live Recording Mode, you just remove the individual trigs or you can remove all the trigs at once per measure (bar) by holding down PAGE button and pressing CLEAR (PLAY button).

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There should definitely be an UNDO command for the last live recording session laid down.

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A good practice is to either save or copy the pattern before attempting something you’re unsure of nailing. Then a simple paste or reload and you’re good to try again.