How to use transfer for transfering samples to digitakt? FIXED

Im either blind or stupid, probably both but i just cant transfer samples to my digitakt with transfer. Im not sampling i have a nice library i just want to transer to my digitakt.
Cn someone explain it to me like im a 5 year old that havent seen or heard about it before?

version 1.03

This procedure works for me…

First, I close all applications (such as my DAW, Ableton Live) that may produce a MIDI conflict.

Turn on the DIgitakt.

Open the Transfer application.

Choose the DIgitakt for MIDI input device

The Transfer app should show a “ready to receive samples” message box.

I change the name of my destination folder at the bottom of the Transfer app to suit my needs.

I then drop my sample files into the transfer app.

The files are show updating/converting until complete.

Close the Transfer app and you should be good to go…

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So i dont have to do anything to prepare the digitakt to receive the files like i have to do with the os upgrades. Did it like you described and nothing

I learned that i need to chose midi output device before i chose midi input device, otherwise it wont connect. That fixed it.


transfer app stopped working for me after upgrading to 1.0.3

It no longer works for me either :frowning:

same thing here after upgrading to 1.03. i had to restart my computer and the digitakt, then was able to finally connect after a few tries. on a side note none of the midi tracks are sending out midi now. when i received the digitakt it was running 1.02 and i’m pretty sure the midi out was working. i’ve triple checked all my midi settings (this is my fourth elektron machine) a still no luck.

Same here guys. After 1.04 i keep getting the “couldn’t connect” error. No matter what i try. Disconnected al other USB devices and so on…