How to work with Bomebox/midi translator pro?

Hi all!
Since I’m having trouble finding any info on the topic in tutorials (as if there are tons of them), I decided to ask here.
I don’t quite get the logic of how the BomeBox and MTP work - is it ”what is not allowed is disabled”, or ”what is not disabled is allowed”? I’m trying to build a midi filter, since some of my gear, as it appears to be, gets overwhelmed by the amount of midi (strangely enough - when it’s on a USB midi connection), so I have to resort to filtering. This also allows for some fun ways to use routing, which are not so easily available for DIN connections.

If someone has a project with a working filter for CC, NOTE ON/OFF and other midi messages and could share - it would be awesome and I would be very thankful. All my attempts introduce horrible amount of latency, and that’s not taking into account other various mistakes.

Or tutorial resources for that - on YouTube I was only able to find the videos by Bome themselves, and they aren’t too helpful.

Contact Florian at Bome, he’s really helpful.


Will do. Thanks for the tip!

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