How to?

Hi everyone!

I got my MD a month ago and three newbie questions are coming…

  1. I use Ableton Live to record my process. What I am trying to do is record all 16 triggers at once as separated channels. I guess it is not possible cause MD has only 6 outputs and my soundcard have 8 inputs. Recording a stereo channel do not let me to arrange panning or other kinda stuffs. I don’t want to mix them on MD. However I can record my patterns one by one while muting the others. It is ok but I want to learn if there is a more accurate way?

  2. I really like organic and non-linear drum patterns so I usually distort and morph sounds. You know when I hold the function key while tweaking data knobs it affects whole drum pattern and I can record it on Ableton Live. However MD is not recording my tweaks while recording live, so is it possible to save my parameter changes on MD?

  3. When I tweak a whole drum pattern with a data knob and tweak the knob back its original parameter, I can not hear the same sound, do you know thats why? Pushing function and classic/extended key is perfectly doing what I want but it recalls em all.

So basically my main goal is;

When I create a drum pattern, I would like to record my process as 16 separated channels on Ableton Live while tweaking em all holding the function key by tweaking data knobs and save my parameter changes on MD.

Thank you!

Since the MD does not have 16 audio outs, you will need to do multiple passes. If you want to do some global parameter tweaking and have that apply to each pass, then I would try recording the MIDI CCs for the parameter changes into Ableton somehow, then you can play back the pattern and the CCs and print each MD track on a separate audio clip. The function->knob combo might emit some special CC that you can record into Live. At the very least you could use one or two tracks for CTL machines and play back CC from Live into the MD.

I do a similar thing with my process, but it’s usually a little simpler: If I want to do some real time tweaking (on the MD or the Tempest) I record the stereo outs, muting things that I don’t want to change (e.g. kicks or whatever). That way I have the live-performance clips and the other backing clips without having to do any fiddling with MIDI CCs and such.

hi pixelvector

I have the same problem that occasionally deleting the plocks / turning the knob back to original position does NOT bring the sound to what it was …

funktion mode , or reloading the kit does work however-…

i had a pm from KRIS from the forum

[i]or exemple, if you got multiple parameter plock on the same trig you can press the trig, you will see on the screen each parameter affected appear inversed (black) , at this point you can ‘‘click’’ the knob (push down) to erase each parameter individualy . You can use that for single parameter too.

This is very practical if you tweaked out some nice pitch variation you dont want to erase but need to clear another alteration you dont want to keep.

Oh! and you can precisely tune each plock in a similar way, adjust the parameter while keeping a trig pressed

Otherwise i also searched for a way to clean up all parameter lock in a shorter way but seems there is none. You can double clik every trig that has a plock or try the method above[/i]

this is what he wrote… I cant yet get my head around all that …

I also have the plan to record each of the 16 tracks individually into ableton and then fuck around with them … keep in mind when you use the individual outs, the plocks and parameter changes are NOT recorded in ableton … i read this in the manual … please have somebody confirm that who tried…

thanks all electron users for your support and JoshEjosh also so far!

pixelvector, I guess you know that you can just save a tweaked-out pattern as a new kit.

You can also record tweaks via the LIVE RECORD mode.

First, copy and paste the pattern so you have something to go back to if you don’t like what gets recorded. Press RECORD + PLAY buttons to activate LIVE RECORDING. Now when you tweak the changes will be recorded as the sequencer progresses. If you keep tweaking and the pattern loops, the new tweaks will over ride the old tweaks.

So, for example, say you have a high hat sequence on which you want to do a filter sweep that takes two bars to complete. Enter LIVE RECORD mode and make the filter sweep in real time. Exit LIVE RECORD mode. Now when you play the pattern back it should also play the filter sweep tweaks you made.

Hm… except the plock values can only change once per step. Unless you also add ‘slide’ it’s going to be a very step-y filter sweep. That’s why I thought that recording the CC’s for the knob twiddlin’ into Live might be something to try. That has me thinking - maybe just record all the MIDI information into Live, maybe clean it up a bit, then you can print all the audio into Live however you want.

The problem I’ve had with printing multiple tracks from the same hardware (Tempest, Monomachine, etc.) is the jitter in the computer’s MIDI clock output (yeah… people blame this on Ableton, but it’s really the driver / OS). That can cause the printed audio to be a little off. For shorter loops or only a few tracks it’s easy enough to correct in Live. For longer loops I hear the InnerClock device works well. I don’t have one yet though.

Mostly I just print the outputs of the MD (or Tempest, or MonoMachine) in one pass so I can get back to making music.

I am gonna give a try to record MIDI CCs, thanks for you advise JoshEjosh!

When I use the individual outs, I can record parameter changes as audio files into Ableton TrabanT.

MD can not save my tweaks while LIVE RECORDING mode and GLOBAL PARAMETER TWEAKING, this is what I exactly want to do…MD saves the tweaks for each sound and trigger but not for the entire pattern.

What I understood that there are no solid ways to achieve my goals. I guess I am gonna mix my patterns on MD and record them individually into Ableton Live. Besides I have a crappy solution, I’ll record my Global Tweaks with a video recorder in order to remember what I did :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!!

Try this. Use a CTRL all machine instead. Place a trig on each step of the CTRL all machine track before recording ( or just some of them if you prefer)and use slides on that track.

Now experiment with muting that track on and off too. The MD will hold the p locks of the last non muted state when you mute the CTRL all track…(just like the legendary IDM vid) Func Ext to return to base. If you have the UW, sample some of that stuff too and use Ram machines to play back. Experiment with sample start locks on the trigs of that Ram play machine. This is where the gold is hidden on the MD.

Given there is no setting to exclude certain sounds (shame) you can always reset the kick or whatever by removing locks individually afterwards.



When I use the individual outs, I can record parameter changes as audio files into Ableton TrabanT.[/quote]
I really had this mixed up!
p 27 users manual tells me about the master effects vs p locks … thanks so far and happy tweekin