How would i do this kick

got my AR last weekend and im pretty happy with it so far.
I also have my good ol XBase 888 still here and now im trying to rebuild a few of my XBase Patterns with the AR.

But theres this one kind of KickDrum i just cant figure out how to create with the AR. Shouldnt be that hard because its just some basic 909 with some distortion and filter.

To give you an idea of how the kick should sound like:

So theres really nothing very special about this kick but in some way i just cant get the filter to sound the way i want.

Maybe those of you who are more in to the sound structure of the AR can give me some advice on how to make this kind of Kickdrum.


Hey Snitch,
I deeply understand your situation,
you are looking for that kind of kick, and let me tell you that I’m afraid that no other kick will sound like the jomox stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all what I see around the Rytm and I’m waiting mine, but some kind of sounds are kind of… “more vintage”

I guess that you can almost get that sound in the Rytm with the new FM addition to the new OS but If you don’t know how to do it, you always can learn Frequency Modulation, if that is not an option, the good thing is that you can layer those Jomox sounds with the Rytm ones… :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they will integrate very well, but at least, that is the setup that I chose. I think you can’t go wrong that way.


You might be able to get closer to this with the bass tom as the starting point, adding an additional pitch sweep with the LFO.

If you put the hard kick through the overdrive and master distortion you can get something quite similar.
I made this earlier, the tuning is different but the effect quite the same:

SB-SIX, thanks for post stuff from the RYTM :slight_smile:

I don’t feel it quite the same, yes, it’s a kind of…, but not enough,
aside the tone (that is different), I feel it thinner and softer.

You’ll probably have to layer it with a more subby kick. Side-effect from distortion/compression is often loss of low-end.

I think that the only way is processing the signal with compression and EQ or layering or both :imp:

Sounds like a compressed 909 style kick pushed through something to saturate it… Like a desk (or some other hard/soft harmonics unit) with low frequencies boosted to taste if its lacking.

Surely possible with RYTM alone? (or close enough)

Edit - that said saturation comes in many flavours, I think its this that gives that kick its flavour.

EDIT 2 - SBSIX that’s a nice old school chi kick! Top beat :+1: a wall banger.

Yeah for me you could really done thatOverdrive, Distortion… Maybe prepare a sample for a layering in Top register with a bit of tape saturation or something… Bur i’ve done some kick in this kind yesterday so i assume it’s easy with the AR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the Low Tom, maybe combine a Kick and Low Tom.

But that’s exactly the kind of sound you can go crazy with the analog RYTM in this sound department

Cheers man :slight_smile:

While I love a challenge to create a sound… Which I will try do do tonight, when I am in from of my AR. One could chump out… That is the true reason for the AR’s sampling feature, not to displace the OT.

In fact that is how I would go about making an internal AR sound I want to copy. I sample the sound in put the sample on the 2nd or 3rd beat, and add the AR’s sound to be on the other 3 beats. Then I twiddle until the beats sound the same. This might be obvious, so sorry, if this is out of place.

Well the way I see, it is you take a lot of time trying to make AR machine sound like the jomox kick, or you could just sample the jomox kicks and use the analog overdrive and filter with samples. I have the 888 And mbase’s they sound great but they are diffrent boxes so they will have their own sound.

But if the AR had a kick that was just like the jomox … Wow

so i was tweaking the shit out of the AR the whole evening but still dont have the kick i want. I tried various types of layering kicks. I tried the bass tom the lower tom etc etc.

Then i began to start eqing the bassdrum i thought was closest to what i want directly on my desks eq and came very close. And i think in fact thats really the key. Allmost no heights, and a full +15 db boost on the mids somewhere around 2k and a strong boost on the lower mids.

Snitch: we understand each other…
go the way that your heart tells you, until it sounds great, (yes, EQing, Layering and compressing analog sounds and distortion) not everyone understand it or feel it, but I can assure you, that everyone differenciate it once the creation is finished.

good luck(!)

EQing has always been a pain for me doing it on the elektron boxes. It’s something i am always doing on my desk too. I wish they would come up with some more standard mixer like eqs, because i like to save the eq for a sound in the box. Anyways, ar should be able to compete with the almighty jomox kicks, i guess it might not be as “instant 909” and needs more finetuning.

Yes, we can choose the way we want, maybe sending the signal to a console with EQ, maybe processing it ITB or with external hardware or all of them, but I guess that kick never could be reached without process.