How would you connect it?

Hi ya’ll! I’m having trouble figuring out how to setup the following gear in the most effective way. So i’m wondering how you would do it?

The Gear:

  • Xenyx X2442 mixer (with two assignable stereo sub groups) , ¨
  • Octatrack,
  • Korg KP3,
  • Stereo channel compressor with sidechain input.

I recently switched from a Xenyx X2222 to the Xenyx X2442 (the 2222 only had one stereo sub group) The way I have had it connected up until now is - the Xenyx 2222 sub outs to IN AB on the Octatrack. This way I could choose which channels I would sample or mangle via the mixer. Then I had the Cue Out routed to the KP3, and from the KP3 the signal went to the compressor for sidechaining (if I need and want to) and then back to the mixer for blending it with the rest.

And now I have another pair of sub outs which I am going to connect to the IN CD for even more flexibility for sampling, but still only two output possibilities = MAIN OUT and CUE OUT. Another pair of outputs would solve a lot, but is not possible with the Octa.

My main concern is where I would put the KP3 and the compressor in the signal chain. Would you want to be able to sample what the KP3 outputs, or would you prefer to have it mangle the CUE OUTs like I have set it up until now? The KP3 can somewhat imitate a sidechain compressor. Is it unnecessary to put the compressor after it in the chain? If so, where would you put the compressor? I cant really put it after the MAIN OUT from the Octa since I have the kick and snare routed through that, which would give me unwanted results i guess…

Is this making any sense? Anyone interested in giving their thoughts?