Hybrid setup possible with Scarlet 18i20?

I currently have Scarlet 18i20 and ADA8200 audio interfaces. These are not low latency interfaces like RME or Apollo, so I´m wondering if they are suitable for use in a hybrid setup?

What I am trying to achieve is to use Ableton as the mixing console for all my gear, which consists of Elektron gear, other synthisizers, and some external pedals.

When using send/return from Ableton on an external synth sent through a pedal, will result in the audio going four times through the audio interface, resulting in 4 times the latency, which is high enough already. Doesn´t this sound like a big latency problem?

So wouldn´t this be solved with a low latency sound card like something from UA or RME?

I don’t think latency will be a huge problem. It also depends on your computer. Try it out and see.