I can't install the presets banks in my Analog four

Hello…I can-´t install the presets banks in my Analog four , I have tried everything or so I think.
I’m really really upset and I’m trying to sell it…
I don´t know if this is a common problem but if someone would help me , I would appreciate it

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to wipe back to ‘new’

erase +Drive


do a factory reset

it’s all in the manual



  1. click and hold [FUNC] then switch on,
    Then choose EMPTY

  2. Switch on and then go system and erase the +Drive
    Switch OFF

  3. click and hold [FUNC] then switch on
    Then choose FACTORY RESET

  4. USE C6 to receive/send sound packs
    (same to backup your stuff)

  5. USE Transfer app to upgrade firmware

Thats for now how i deal with it

You can find C6 on elektron support : Analog Drive > downloads
Don’t worry C6 works fine with every machines and sysex management

Note: i had a step in my way just to be sure unpacking goes on blank state instead overwriting, be sure your firmware is the most updated one as well

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If after that it’s usually a failed. Ticket support or Return the machine to the shop and ask for a replacement. The latter can be more quick if you bought the machine recently.

Also you have to setup correctly midi ins/outs
And upload at the beginning of bank C (bank A + B are for the factory sounds - assuming you don’t want to go with a blank machine in terms of sounds but how elektron ships it)

A video of the procedure is here :

Ya lo hice pero no me funcionó,gracias por contestar

English only on Elektronauts please.

This seems unlikely, state the machine version and upload a video of your steps

A Factory Reset ( NOT an Empty Reset ) will restore the defaults to Bank A and B and default patterns will appear in Project 1 - if you are running a proper workingf os - check the test mode for system errors, again test mode is documented

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