I cant tell if muted or not


i cant tell if the tracks are muted or not … the green dimming is not enough, especially for 16th notes …


Doesn’t the led turn off when the track is muted?

This is one of the main reasons I’ve had to learn to stay away from Elektron gear; the lighting choices are not color-blind friendly, unfortunately. It makes for some confounding noodling!

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When u have 16th notes playing these still flas even with muted trsck

To me undistinguished from non muted tracks

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You and me both. Moaned about it to support in the summer.

if you hold the function button it should show pretty clearly what is and isn’t muted… is the problem just because things are flashing so much?


Low contrast

Wish lfo page 2 had a x for muted tracks

Damn elektron

ah I haven’t run into that problem but I also mostly make pretty down tempo stuff.


Now 128 with 16th hihats

Welcome to shrugging and trial and error

Can you you hear things you don’t want to?

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