I cleaned the volume pot then this happened

This is just the matte acrylic prototype. After i finish the custom graphics I’m going to get one machined in black anodised aluminium with matching black knobs. It’s fair to say i got carried away with my spring cleaning.

Oh and I’ve got a white on black screen going in there and some white leds in a couple of key spots.


Looks really nice, from the title I was expecting a WD40/contact cleaner horror story.


looks great. will you be cutting/cnc it by yourself? or are you using a service? will you be applying graphics by yourself too? all this questions are arising from the fact that i am curious about other people’s tool/process chain.

also it would be super generous of you if you could make the model/measurements of your the pictured panel available for the forum community.

I’ll be using a service for the final product, this one came off the laser cutter at work. As for the graphics, they will simply be etched into the the black anodising revealing the silver underneath. Dick Malibu did a beautiful job of this face plate already using screen printed graphics but I like a project and it means that I can customise to my hearts content.

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Haha, it was a bit misleading.


I’m selling mine.

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picture looks really fuzzy on my screen. Is that a Dick Malibu or your own work? My new black anodised sound selection wheel is 40mm so a bit smaller.

Looks amazing, can’t wait to see the final project

Thanks. It’s a boring process all that measuring but hey, I need a pointless little project to keep me sane! I’ll be sure to post a photo of the finished product.

oh i see. good to know. and yes DM panels look fantastic.
do you have any end-user pricing in mind?


Why are half the labels missing? Did you specify that when you got it?

Labels were fading away. I prefered to keep the only labels I needed, acetone for the rest. Other labels are easy to remember / shown on the screen.

The screen printing wore off? That’s good to know. Still looks super cool!

Not as yet. I’ll see how much the cnc folks charge me for the first one and I’ll let you know if it’s feasible. Custom graphics may also be something I’d look at if you wanted to provide your own logo or what have you. Can’t imagine there’s a tonne of demand though! I’ll get back to you in a few weeks…

The plastic above the screen was transparent, I painted it black.
Yeah, I preferred it like that at the end.

I was sold about black after that video


Final acrylic prototype. Sadly cannot get anyone to machine this in black alu for me… yet.


How do you make the serigraphy?

deep etching with our laser cutter.

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How come you decided to add the screen window spacing around the lcd screen. I thought the tight fit was pretty bad ass.

Also, maybe get some digitakt black knobs from elektron?