I have a confession (genre rant)

So, as the title suggests, I have a confession. I think I might be a techno producer. A few years ago I would have probably vomited into my own mouth if those words ever came out of my mouth.

Ugh. Let me explain. I have, throughout the majority of my life, made primarily hip-hop beats. If you know me really well, you know that I am a student of hip-hop music and I am very committed to this craft. I have always hated four to the floor techno. Like, why? Gabber? GTFOH! But really, anything with that driving kick drum just punching you in the face over and over again. It just always reminded me of an alarm clock or something.

I love Squarepusher and Autechre and Aphex and BOC and Skinny Puppy and some NIN and tons of other electro/electro-hop type stuff but never really dug disco. I was even loosely affiliated with a hip-hop crew called Neva Dug Disco in Dallas in the early aughts. I study hip-hop religiously, and I love it religiously as well. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that hip-hop IS my religion and I will one day make pilgrimage to boogie down to pay tribute to Kool Herc and Bambaata and the other Gods in my lifetime. That’s correct, I plan to walk there, from Texas, but that’s another post for another day.

If you know me really well though, you know that I don’t JUST listen to hip-hop. My favorite band of all time is the Legendary Pink Dots. Number two is Coil. Number three is Skinny Puppy. Radiohead and Yasiin Bey round out my current top five, but Bjork and Yasiin have some issues to work out before that fifth spot can be confirmed if that helps any. Still though, I don’t listen to techno, like ever.

Now, and this is not a joke or anything, I promise. However, it may seem kinda cliche or whatever but it’s true, so, okay, here it is… after coming to this forum and hearing all of the variety of flavors presented here for over a year now, I gotta say, I may not hate four to the floor beats anymore. In fact, since I’m already confessing here, I might as well admit that I’ve begun to occasionally use a repetitive kick in my own tunes.

Now I’m making chiptune industrial techno-hop bangers and I don’t hate them at all. What have you guys done to me?

I mean, don’t get it twisted, I will always be putting the bap on the end of whatever genre I flirt with but techno? I would have never believed it possible. Industrial? Yeah, sure, in fact, it’s always been a favorite but techno? Hell nah! Now I’m all like, I think I need to confess something, lol.

K. That’s all.



most of the UK breakbeat hardcore DJs/producers were hip hop heads before acid house broke. it’s not an unusual path


If you hang around at a barber shop, you’ll probably end up getting a haircut.


:rofl:. You’re so right. That should be the TL:DR of this entire thread.


I’m actually going to put a lot of the blame directly on @Annihilation_Squares for this confession post. You were kinda responsible for this whole mess and I am not at all sorry about any of it. You were not the only light that lit the path, but yours was the brightest. My Lord, what have we birthed? I’m working on a G-Mix right now my friend. This will put the Eraserhead baby to shame I tell thee.

When it first started, I was calling it industrial techno or Bitcrusher Boombap (which I still love) but if I’m being honest it’s really Chiptune Tech-hop Calypso Can’t Believe It’s Not Buttercore © @shigginpit, our lawyers need to talk.


I totally feel this. My favs are in line w you, and my main gig is with Society Burning - industrial rock. Somehow my next release in early April is a remix that went all hardcore/gabber. Perhaps I listened to Ultraviolence - ’Life of the Destructor’ too much - like 30 yrs ago.

What have we become?


Wow. That’s a pretty eclectic bitches brew buddy. Are you okay? I kid. This forum is full of dopplegangers, wizards and shapeshifters, I swear to gawd all merciful and shit. This place is that bidness. I have met so many people here that I consider brothers. Maybe one or two are sisters and I just don’t know it from their music, and that’s frankly awesome IMO.

BTW if your favs are in line with mine, I need links in my pm stat! I mean, I will look up Society Burning but send links too if you want, please!


I also wanted to mention in my original rant that my obsession with hip hop is not just with the genre itself, but with all of the genres that gave birth to it as well, which runs a pretty wide gamut if you ask me. Funk, Jazz, Electro, Rock, what hasn’t influenced hip-hop as we know it or been influenced by hip-hop in return? Everything is hip-hop in my eyes. Everything. My heartbeat is around 87bpm. It’s a little slower than most. We nod our heads yes to the boom and the bap. Beats course through our veins. We have been making hip-hop since the beginning of time. The OG’s danced around a flame and chanted prayers for rain while the original DJ chanted the riddims and played the beats by hand on stretched out animal nutsacks and bone. The original breakdancer danced around the same flames. The OG graffiti artists painted their names in the caves. Hip-hop is my religion. Musick is Magick.


Man, that got mad poetic at the end there. Might have to use that in something.

Maybe without the nutsack part. 🫠


So sorry to disappoint you. You do know about the ignore button, yes?

Just as I mention what a brotherhood this forum is to me, what timing! I am sorry that you don’t love me and my ramblings though. I hope you have a great day today.

And I hope you make music everyday and that you enjoy making it. I hope that you are happy and that your life is joyous. I wish you luck and abundance.

@sleepfc, please contribute something less boring to the discussion, if you would like to. Peace and blessings.


Also, if you’re still reading this thread, thank you. And I hope your life is full of wonder and joy and music!

That one’s for everyone.


I got this place other way around, I don’t like hiphop or dnb but listening to the battles got me resampling stuff and doing beats… with… snares!!!
never liked snares in the most boring hypnotic techno I listen to, but this forum changed that for me, I actually want to get OT one day just so I could do some real beat work cuz it’s fun as hell!


Oh my purple heart! But in reverse. Magic. I must hear your music. Canst thou link me in the pm? Is it dm or pm? I don’t think I know. @alechko, sorry, I feel like if I don’t tag you, you won’t know that I’m talking to you.


You are quite welcome. Indeed, the pleasure is all mine, and my cup overfloweth. I must say, BTW, that this is somewhat less boring than some parts of my rant.


House should have been your natural progression.

Btw, disco rules.

End of rant.

@alechko :scream: not with snares! No!!! :scream: - :joy: even though i make house, the snare is never on any of my downbeats. That shit is almost forbidden around here :joy::joy::joy:


genre rant … ooh, i have some too.
it took literally years for me to make up with techno.

because, on one hand, i never really liked it. i’m about EBM/industrial (in autumn/winter season) and psy/goa (spring/summer season).

but on the other hand, if i stick with those, i’d be booked to play 2–3 times a year, and that’s all. if i want more (and i do), it should be labeled „techno“ and resemble techno at least to certain (not too small) degree.

anyway, it turned to be not that bad as it seemed at first. i realized that once it bangs properly, the crowd on drugs never really cares what happens on top of that, so even complex arrangements are fine :grin: and once there are acid lines – it can pass for „acid techno“ when i’m asked about genre.

someday i’ll call my back catalogue „the great techno swindle“ :grin:


@Phillip, I’m not even mad at house! Like, at all, surprisingly. As I have mentioned, nay, beat to a pulp, I like hop-hop quite a bit, and I was once what we in the hip-hop community refer to as a backpacker. At some point, I decided to take the backpack off and give all of the subgenres within the culture a fair shot. I still don’t love pop rap bullshit but my eyes have opened a lot since I took the backpack off.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am trying to do that with electronic music now, but as I dig around the hundreds of subgenres under the techno umbrella, there are surprisingly few that I hate. I thought I would hate so much more than I actually do.

@chaocrator, wow. I can’t even. You actually know what genres you prefer to create in during particular seasons?!! That’s so insane to me. I can’t even pick a combination of genres to stick to for one day. :crazy_face:

Yesterday I made Chiptune Blues Bap with Drill Hats and then Industrial Techno Trap Acid.


I just want to beat the trolls to the punch real quick.

This thread is a new low for elektronauts.

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I would ignore this thread but I’d rather just poke the OP.

Your music is poorly mixed.

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Now here’s Alex with the Weather

Thanks Phil, hello there to everyone in music land. I’m happy to announce that we have nothing but beautiful sunshine and clear skies ahead. Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song… And there is always music in the air.

Edit: the last bit is a Twin Peaks quote I believe, for those that didn’t get the obscurity.


This is the best, most engaging, mind provoking thread I’ve ever read anywhere in my entire life - other than the Buad thread of course.

Edit - ruskie up some more, or DO YOU EVEN CARE?!?!