I have a monomachine, Do I need an analog four?

Obviously I don’t need an analog four or any new synths for that matter, But I’m really attracted to the idea of the analog four, I have the Machinedrum and Monomachine and they are amazing, Everytime I sit down with them I come up with something new, which is why I’m looking at the analog four.
However given the fact that I already have a monomachine and a eurorack modular (among other synths)
I’m wondering if the analog four is really worth it, Essentially it’s four fairly simple dco based analog synths coupled with the (badass) elektron sequencer with parameter locks etc and fx right?
I’m just wondering if anyone out there already has a monomachine and other analog gear and an analog four still finds the analog four to be worth it?

I like my A4 way better than my MD and my MnM. Get it.

If you can afford it, and if feel like you need something new to inspire you, or to just simply make your time on this planet more enjoyable, then do it!


“fairly simple”, nah nah, a modular it ain’t but i can coax plenty of sounds out of it to raise the eyebrows of my modular buddy
the real reason you should have gas for it is the cv sequencing, integrating your euro gear will be a joy (i’d say)
back in the real world, you don’t need it, as you already know, but it’d be a better acquisition than many other contemporary distractions - although i could see a case to consider the octatrack too !

I think I had already convinced myself I needed it (want/need same thing)…just needed that extra push:) The CV sequencing is icing on the cake I plan on having it double as a sequencer and fx box for my modular.

So monomachine and analog four owners you don’t feel like there is too much overlap?
I just want to make sure it’s not simply a dumbed down (albeit analog) version of one of the synth engines in the monomachine. Or is it truly a different beast?

No overlap at all - totally different machines altogether.
They complement each other really well too.

I’ve owned both twice…

The Monomachine is way more powerful and versatile, whereas I think the Analog Four sounds a tad bit sweeter with less effort. It’s a little more immediate than the MnM, but it’s so much more limited in profound ways.

I currently have an A4 but I think I’d be happy with either and I don’t think I’d want both. Big wins for the A4 are the awesome reverb and the performance mode. Big wins for the MnM are the versatility of it’s machines, the more flexible track assignments & audio routing, multiple outs, and MIDI sequencing.

If I were you, I wouldn’t add an A4 unless the CV sequencing was really important, I’d add something different that you can control using the MnM’s sequencer, or perhaps an OT.

The MnM is an amazing machine. I think it’s Elektron’s best synth. If they updated it with the reverb from the A4/OT I would probably dump my A4 and get one. I think there’s enough overlap that you don’t NEED both of them.

I find that odd that you can say there is enough overlap between a synth that does comprehensive input processing, has more effects, seperate outputs, pretty extensive routing, midi output, FM ( 3 types), can act as a drum machine, SID synth, has digicyclic waveforms can do polyphonic work, chords via Swave machines and is as unashamedly digital as it is, is beyond me.
The MnM can also throw out a massive bottom end like nothing else I own - seriously window shatterinng sub frequencies if you want them.
The two sound nothing alike, right down to the filter characteristic, arp behaviour, the kind of percussive sounds they produce and the sequencers are different enough alone to warrant exploring how the two of them combined work.
You also get the option of either processing the A4 through a MnM or filtering the MnM via the A4 and using the supervoid reverb from the A4 (as an example) on a pair of outs other than the master stereo pair from the MnM.
personally I couldn’t imagine my life without both of them truth be told.

Well put. Also if the MnM had the A4 reverb, I would cream my pants with joy. Just got mine and the routing options for FX and stuff is mind blowingly great. It has completely eliminated the need for a mixer in my set up.

Very informative guys, the contrasting opinions are much appreciated I think I’m siding with adding the A4 to my arsenal…It sounds to me that it doesn’t overlap that much with the monomachine’s Swave machine. I’m a firm believer in owning multiple synths even if they have similar functionality as long as the basic TONE is different enough than it is usually worth owning both (for example owning a moog prodigy and roland sh101 both simple mono synths but drastically different tones.

In the meantime do you guys have links to any A4 demos other than what’s on elektron’s site/soundcloud or youtube…I think I’ve listened to every demo on the internet lol

Order placed. Can’t wait :dizzy_face: :+1: