I just played "no metronome" version of MD

A MDUW fell into my hands for the very first time. Friend left unit in my place so I decided to start lonely evening jam…
First thing I usually do recording and improvising with beats is turn metronome on, start live recording mode and play trigs. So easy and so much fun.

OK, metronome on… where is it?
Manual pdf search… no results found. What? :thinking:
Elektronauts search… no related topics? Whaaat? :zonked:
No one was ever lookig for MD metronome?
No one is even slightly surprised the drum machine has not got the metronome? It has, right?

Probably I have a bad day, sorry - easy metronome access is here… look… shortcut… :loopy:
Please hint me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a MD Non-UW and im 90% sure there is no metronome. I’ve also got a MnM and again I’m 90% sure there is no metronome. Yeah, I find it a bit funny too.

The way I’ve worked around this is putting trigs on every quarter note for a hat or a kick or something, then live recording whatever, then eventually taking off those trigs.


Thanx, I was sure someone give me workaround for metronome in a minute :nerd_face:

The silver boxes have no metronome. As mentioned the common workaround is to put a rim shot or similar sound on trigs 1,5,9,&13 on a track and use that. Once I get going into a pattern I will usually clear the track I’m using as the metronome.

There are some pretty interesting results that can be had live recording without the metronome though.


You have 16 metronomes actually! :tongue:


No pre-roll either! Life was hard in the noughties.


build your own metro with a sound, where’s the problem?!

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That was my question to MD constructors about metronome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No problems with sound :+1:

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they are classic X0X machines (like Roland TRs) = no metronome :slight_smile:

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