I made a Twitch, check it out! Https://www.twitch.tv/ezbotmusic

Hey friends- I am currently building a Twitch channel for music/gear nerds like myself. I don’t claim to be a pro on any piece of equipment, but I love to make sounds! I could use some support from my fellow Elektronauts. I have looked everywhere on Twitch and there is no one using any awesome Elektron gear! This is a great opportunity to stop by and teach me how to use these machines better, I will not withhold my gratitude. Any ideas for the stream are very welcomed. Hoping some people will stop by and follow me so I can get my channel closer to the top, it’s lonely at the bottom of the page. I am going to try and leave the channel streaming for a while just to let people stop by, go ahead and say hello in the chat, even if I am not there.

Equipment used:
Elektron Octatrack MKII
Elektron Digitakt
Elektron Analog Heat
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Critter and Guitari Organelle
Roland SH-01A

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Jonmakesbeats has been doing a twitch channel for a while now. He uses OT, AK, AH and other stuff. I’ll check yours out.

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I’ll check him out too! Ty!

how are you sequencing the 0-coast? thru the kenton midi and octa? or digi ?

0coast through the OT. The Kenton is for the OP-1, for some reason you have to use a Kenton with OP-1 and Octa.