I need a software midi sequencer not a DAW

I am looking for a pure multi track software midi sequencer. I have tried to make Albleton work as a midi sequencer but its focus is on being a DAW. I was playing with Reaper but again it is focused on being a DAW with some midi sequencer stuff. I had SONAR which I really liked but I lost the disk. I don’t do anything audio, just midi. I have a bunch of rack mount stuff and I am not utilizing it and its bugging me! Is there anything out there for a PC?

Hmmm, what are you missing in Ableton?

You could try ORCA maybe


While I love ORCA… I dunno if a live coding environment is the solution when a “pure multi track software midi sequencer” is desired.

Maybe give the free Cakewalk by Bandlab a try? Yes it is a DAW, but it sounds like you’d be comfortable with it, and it is easy to hide all the audio stuff.

Alternatively, FL Studio is renowned for its piano roll features. And the $99 version has no audio clips or audio recording. It has all the MIDI features of the higher tier versions. And there is a free trial to get your feet wet in.

good luck!


You’re most definitely right lol, I was stuck on the idea of midi only, no audio and that’s what popped in my head

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raw code is what popped into my head when I read ORCA :sweat_smile: :nerd_face:

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Again I can‘t see the point of not using Ableton as a midi sequencer only.
You can download some cool Max For Live midi apps like euclidian sequencers, random sources, or Make Noise Rene and Intellijel Metropolis clones…
Possibilities are endless IMO


I used a lot Seq24 in the past. Very simple and efficient midi sequencer. Light and open source. Highly recomanded!



I have to admit that I just have problems with the look/feel of Ableton Live. I have used it for about a year and I still don’t have a good handle on it. If I don’t find a good substitute I might have to “learn” it.

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Have you given Numerology a look? I tried it many years ago but never took to it.



I had problem with every DAW until I discover Studio One 4. Take a look maybe you will like it like I did. Simple and beatiful interface. There is a free version to test on the website

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I get this but I think there’s just naturally a learning curve… once you figure out what you want in terms of sequencing I can almost guarantee there will be a way in Ableton - M4L devices are nothing to be afraid of. And once you learn that you’ll be set and feel much more ‘at home’ in the DAW environment.

But to be fair, Ableton’s piano roll is not the best.
Benn & Gear mentioned this recently in his “FL Studio user tries Live” video.

I do love M4L sequencers though, but maybe that’s because the piano roll is indeed so lacking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Maybe this sequencers works in this case



I like Cyclic and i have a lot of fun using it for different things like bass, drums etc Klee more complex another concept


This a nice Euclidean one, not free though.

https://sugar-bytes.de/ Have various and pretty easy to use standalone software sequencer. Or then there’s Reaktor.


Yeah I saw this and agree with his point that im principle it shouldn’t really be reliant on people’s M4L devices to improve that kind of function. But the point is, it is still very possible within Ableton and I’m not totally convinced that going out of the box / with other options would make things massively easier. Though I could be wrong.

Good news, I went through all of my software and found the install disk for Sonar! Dodged a bullet for now. There was a lot of interesting recommendations that I will have to keep in mind. IMHO Someone needs to recreate Dr. T’s KCS for the PC.

would highly recommend sequencer64.

windoze and linux binaries available here:

pdf manual available here:

it’s further development of seq24 mentioned above, and currently it’s light years away from its predecessor.


Nice, I didn’t know someone still developping seq24 in a new branch :slight_smile:

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