I need help getting control over the LFOs


I have a small frustration with learning how LFOs are implemented, I would love to work through it.

I seem to be creating LFO settings that only affect the sound for part of the LFO sweep, with long dead times where the parameter isn’t being affected.


I will set an LFO sweep to a filter cutoff. LFO time is low, multiplier 1x, free running. The filter will only be swept for a fourth of that time, then the rest of the time the filter remains wide open.

How do I set up parameters so it fully sweeps the parameter without not affecting anything?

That’s what the LFO depth is for FYI

Your LFO is going beyond the maximum range of the cutoff, leaving it open for that time.

For example, if you have a triangle LFO with depth 20, and the frequency is set to 117, once the cutoff reaches 127 it cannot go any higher… so for the time where the LFO is going to 11 and higher the cutoff remains unchanged until the LFO level comes back down below 10. The way to avoid this is to center the parameter in the middle of the LFO range. For example if I want the cutoff to vary between 90 and 127 with no “dead” time then I would set the depth to (127-90) / 2 = 18.5, so either 18 or 19. Then I would set the cutoff to 127 - 18 = 109.