I really would like to hear the DN being processed by the AH

I’d love to hear some demos of what the DN sounds like with the AH; I plan on eventually having both myself. I think FM sounds amazing with some overdrive and analog filters.

If anyone is rocking these two right now, I’d be very interested to hear any thoughts. I especially would like to hear percussion done on the DN being processed by the AH. Actually, I’d love to hear more of what the DN is capable of (with regards to percussion) in general.


If anyone wants to send me their DN I’ll do it :wink:

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I have both, but deleted my soundcloud a while ago. How can I send you audio? EDIT: Nevermind, just remembered I have a secondary ”gear demos” account :wink:

FWIW I usually use my AH with a pretty fixed config… are you looking for ”enhancement” or ”destruction”?

and everything in between…

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the problem is, there’s vast processing scope on the heat, I will not be able to cover but just a tiny subset… when you add up all the components and their modulation that is! So the more specific you can be, the faster Ican come up with a ”demo”

As soon as mine arrives I will throw down a demo on this no prob

Enhancement on percussion to get them punchier. Gritty up sine wave bass. Pumping effect on pads. :grin:


I know it’s analog but would be good if Elektron could somehow sneak in digital SRR on the Heat. This effect combined with analog filters is made for FM imo.
Would round it up as a killer processor
Currently use my Biscuit in this manner to process FM

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I know what you mean. The redux filter on the PreenFM2 is killer.

Wish I had something like D16 decimort2 as a guitar pedal sized fx box

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gotcha! I’ll tank myself full of morning coffee and see what I can cook up

I’ll throw in one of my fave heat trcik on the perc demo, smashing the tails of the sounds whille letting transients thru unaffected :diddly:

Man, I should get one of them PO35 speaks for adding ”voiceovers” to audio demos lol


I’ll be doing this first thing when mine arrives. It was supposed to get here today, but didn’t :expressionless: Spent the afternoon venting my frustration making Author and Punisher type sounds with MnM and Heat instead.

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hmm, about that pumping effect on pads… I can put in som expansion-style bits, having probs getting a sidechain-style pump (the heat is not a comp even hough it can do something resebling ocmpression)

Sorry its a quick n messy and I didn’t have time to try the transient shaping trick… Anyhoo hope this is of use. I tried to follow the brief you gave out.

Watch out the ending got wild :loopy: TOWARDS THE END, KEEP LEVELS LOW! I suggest DLing the file and looping sections of interest, then you levelmatch to a comfy level.

There’s no indicators which overdrive circuit is which. I went through all of them in the clockwise order of the dial, starting from clean boost. You could theoretically know whic is which by counting, there is always a bypassed section between each drive circuit… The level doesn’t stay consistent of course, as gainstaging on the heat is tricky, especially when changing the drive circuits which are all gainstaged to different levels…

Digitized via soundcraft 12MTK, only normalization applied in post. DL for lossless.

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Awesome, thanks! I’m hanging out at my parents until tomorrow so I won’t get a chance to check it out with my headphones, and monitors until I get home. I’m digging what it’s doing to the percussion though.

For the pumping pads, I figured you’d need to have a kick going on as well to trigger the envelope.

I think they fit well together, because the overdrive of the d1 is a bit lacking.

as an alternative Im experimenting with a korg monologue. I layer a overdriven bass sound from the monologue, put it into the d1 and combine it with a fm padsound from the d1. this layered sound can be played just from the monologue keyboard. you get MASSIVE soundscapes, especially when you turn on unison.

I bet this works great with the layering function of the DN!

I was a bit surpised myself to hear all the dirrent nuances in the sinewave processing… At times I’ve felt that the drive circuits sound very similar to each other, but at least with the sines it is clear that there’s a few flavours, not just one.

Would be so nice to have auto-makeupgain option though - the levels were indeed all over the place, and judging the right amount of drive is tricky without flipping bypass constantly :nyan: