I suck at making basslines please help me

Hi there

I love funky basslines but despite my best efforts I can’t sequence any on my Rytm (or any other step sequenced synth)
They always sound muddy and boring

How do you guys do it?

The same as you :rofl::rofl:


I remember looking at this video and thinking that I should return to exploring its techniques.
I still pretty much suck too :slight_smile:


Put a wobbly LFO on the filter.

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@tamiko ok I’ve watched the video, so I should take advantage of track scaling right?
Set it to x2 to hit those 1/32nd notes?

The best advice in that video is Syncopation (I only watched the first minute).
I played Bass in jazz bands for most of gigging years and syncopation was basically the root of my improv. That’s the easiest way to make things interesting, then wiggle your but and play along.

Don’t forget Probably on Plocks, Slide and Accents too.


Sounds sensible!

walk the bass line through notes to the root of each chord change, that’s the most helpful thing (for me) in making a bass line sound good. otherwise for modern music it’s all about sequencing a sweet rhythm, Voyager by Daft Punk comes to mind. I absolutely f’n love that bass line (even that bass line walks itself to the chord changes within its bizarre rhythm)

if the bass line is the “lead” like in the beginning of Chameleon by Herbie Hancock that’s a different story and you can make the rules for the rest.

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I often record my basslines an octave or two higher and then pitch/transpose them down when I‘m done.